Brother Temps Little Sister

We were sitting on the sofa, watching some dumb movie. I think it was Harry Potter. My s****r loved this crap. She was a tall girl with gigantic tits. She was a little chubby in the belly area but I had no problem with that. I was wearing my gym shorts and shirt watching this movie. There was nothing to do and the parents were out for the day. It was a lazy Sunday morning and we were bored.

As we were watching she scratched he pussy and just seeing that set me off. I instantly had a hard on. I didnt know what to do, but I thought I might be able to get my dick sucked, or something. I lifted the elastic band of my shorts and started to rub my dick. After about a minute of rubbing, she looked over asked what I was doing.

"I have an itch or something. maybe a cut, can u check for me?"

I didnt wait for an answer. I pulled my pants down and my entire area was there for her to see. I lifted up my dick and asked her to check if there was any cuts or anything... i knew there wasnt. She did and said she couldnt find anything. I asked her if it bothered her if i just rubbed it for a while.

She said, "Does it feel good or something?" and i told her it feels amazing. I told her she could feel the same way and told her to take off her pants. She refused but i insisted.

"come on, Im your b*****r, its ok. Its not like i havent seen you naked before. Im just showing you how you can feel better."

Eventually she removed her clothing. I said, "ok here let me show you." She said no but i convinced her to let me. I took my finger and ran it through her hairy bush. I slowly inserted it up her pussy. She moaned and then tried to leave but i told her to stay. I then proceeded to finger her. She got so damn wet it was incredible. I told her to try it. She then proceeded to finger herself. And i proceeded to jack off.

We were both sitting there masturbating. It was awesome. I said, "Can you rub my penis? My arm is getting tired." She said no but then i told her that it was alright and that it was only fair since i showed her how to masturbate.

So she reluctantly moved her hand, covered in her pussy juices, toward my dick. She began to rub it, however pretended to watch the movie because i could tell she didnt feel comfortable. I slowly moved my hand to her clit and began to rub it. I got no refusal. I think i was succeeding.

"Go faster, i think im going to cum," i said.

She didnt want to but did what i said. I then began to moan and i came all over her hand. She asked what it was and i told her. I told her she should taste it. She didnt want to, but again, did. Surprisingly she enjoyed the taste, and shockingly licked it all up! I couldnt believe it. I got down on my knees and stuck my head between her legs and started to eat her out. Her hairy pussy all in my mouth, and her pussy juices tasted like no other. She did not complain or push me aside. I took her shirt off and mine and we were both naked. I was fingering her and eating her out, and to my surprise, she started screaming.

I didnt know what was wrong, ut then figured it out. She began to squirt all over my face. Her body was shaking and she was in heaven. She tilted her head back and groaned.

She told me that she had never felt like that and that she wanted it again. I said I would try later. I laid on the couch and told her to lay on top of me. We lay there and watched to movie naked. I began to hump her and we started humping in a sweaty mess. I slipped my dick into her pussy and she yelped, and told me to stop.

"What if mom and dad find out?" she said.

I told her they would be home till late night and i told her if we didnt tell, then we were fine. She agreed and so we began to fuck. Harry Potter watched as i fucked my little s****r's brains out. Her big tits flopping around and her tight pussy sucking my dick.

I told her i was going to cum, and then i shot my load into her pussy. I quickly realized that that may have been a poor decision. However, she moaned and we lay together with my dick dripping inside her. We fucked twice more that day, and when our parents returned we acted cool and pretended like nothing ever happened.

But that night, i crept into her room and fucked her again while she slept. She knew i was fucking her, but i think she was so tired from all the previous fucking, that she just wanted to lay there. I cam in her mouth. She swallowed it and mumbled, "mmm, thanks." I went to bed with a smile on my face.

We have been fucking continuously since then, and just today she told me she had a friend to invite....

Posted by robd1 1 year ago
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educationpack 4 hours ago
invite a friend in fantasy.but never reality .
my friend wanted to invite his step brother ,i agreed . being young and stupid
he never got around to telling him what we use to do sucking and wanking each other .
as i look back now im sure that would have been a bad idea .he would have black mailed the shit out of us .or just told everyone . best to keep secrets a secret
howdytex 10 days ago
Very yummy incest story
Joninetythree 15 days ago
Not one of your best stories sunshine.
umknown 1 month ago
Fun story and that is some really good writing.
theduck1930 2 months ago
Nice way to spend an evening. Sexy too.
brown14bill144 4 months ago
SEXY Thanks for the posting
olderman66 7 months ago
So tell us about the friend.
sebestian13 10 months ago
Oh, go on!
olddaddy4u 10 months ago
gr8 one mmmm
eaglefree 10 months ago
Nice story
snakeeyes10 11 months ago
Awesome & horny
MinxGirl 11 months ago
Short but so hot!
sebestian13 11 months ago
what fun .... what happened next?
gary1allison2 11 months ago
Love this!
mcbtws 1 year ago
lol I can relate 100%. Good story.
deanbarnes5 1 year ago
Mmmm nice
Dicky_696969 1 year ago
Horny fucking dude
mikey1ra 1 year ago
very good
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