My Mother Comes to Visit by Mrs Walker

"My Mother Comes to Visit" by Mrs Walker

My mother is flying into town today to stay with us for a week. I asked her if she wanted my son Tommy or my daughter Krissy to pick her up at the airport, but declined my offer because she is going to rent a car.

Well, she called me from the airport about an hour ago and said she should be here about noon. Just as I finish making the potato salad for dinner a car comes up the driveway and stops. It must be my Mom!

I excitedly run out the front door to greet her as she gets out of her car and stands up. We embrace and start tongue kissing each other while she runs her hands underneath my bikini bottoms and begins squeezing my ass cheeks. When she raises her hands to untie my bikini top, I push her arms away from me and tell her to behave herself because the neighbors may be watching us.

I take a couple of steps back so I can take a good look at her. She may be fifty four years old, but her body is still incredibly sexy! She exercises three days a week and is so slim that she borrows my dresses when she comes to visit. Other than her breasts being a little larger than mine, we look like identical twins. She looks fabulous in her sheer white blouse and she is not wearing a bra! Her short yellow skirt looks perfect on her because it shows off her long lean toned legs. I am really looking forward to tonight so I can lay naked in bed while she slowly undresses, pulls the satin sheet away, then climbs in next to me!

Anyway, I compliment her for taking such good care of herself then we pick up her luggage and take it into house. We go upstairs to my bedroom then she tells me she wants to use the bathroom, so I go back downstairs to the kitchen.

As I am reaching into the cabinets to get paper plates and cups, I look out the window and see that Tommy and Krissy have taken off their bathing suits and are frolicking around in our huge swimming pool. I can't get over how different Krissy looks since she started shaving between her legs. I don't know how to explain this, but now when she is naked, she looks even more naked. She is eighteen years old, but looks like she did when she was twelve, except that her breasts have grown a lot since then and her hair is a little darker.

Anyway, I take the paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery out to the patio table then sit down and light a cigarette. Suddenly, the sliding door from the kitchen opens. I look over in that direction and watch as my mother turns around to close it. Oh my God, she is completely naked except for wearing a pair of high heel shoes!

After closing the door, she starts walking towards me. She looks terrific! I thought my body was in pretty good shape, but her older elegant lean figure makes her look sexier. I watch the muscles in her long slender legs expand and contract while she runs her fingers through her long straight silky gray hair a few times. The breast implants that she got about a year ago look awesome and gently bounce with each step that she takes. She is a truly beautiful woman!

When she gets to the patio table, I snuff out my cigarette then stand up. We embrace and begin tongue kissing. After a few moments she suddenly puts her thumbs inside my bikini bottom and pushes them down to my knees! I immediately pull them back up then tell her to behave herself! She says that I am the only person wearing anything, so I should be naked also! Well, I think about it for a moment then turn around and tell her to untie my bikini top for me. I take the top and throw it on the patio table then bend over and push my bikini bottoms down to my ankles and step out of them. When I turn back around we immediately begin tongue kissing again while we run our hands all over each others naked bodies. After a couple of minutes I gently push her away from me and tell her that it is time for her to greet the k**s.

Tommy and Krissy have not noticed their grandmother has arrived, so I yell at them to get out of the pool and come over to us. Krissy excitedly climbs the ladder out of the pool first and runs over to give her grandmother a big welcoming hug. The immediately put their arms around each other and begin passionately kissing each other.

After a little while, Krissy releases her grandmother and steps back a little bit. She stares at her big breasts for a couple of seconds then says, "Grandma, your boobs are awesome! Can I play with them for a little while? I want to see how they feel in my hands. Please grandma, let me play with them. Please."

My mother tells her to go ahead, so Krissy reaches out with both hands and begins fondling them. After a few moments Krissy suddenly leans forward and begins sucking one of them while continuing to play with the other! I wait long enough until she has had time to give both my mother's breasts equal attention then tell her to stop. I scold her that she is taking too much time and that she should give her b*****r a chance to give his grandmother a big hug.

She ignores me and gets down on her knees then begins running her hands up and down her grandma's legs. She spends a short time feeling them then look up at her and says, "Gosh grandma, your legs are most beautiful ones I have ever had my hands on! They are so smooth and toned. They are beautiful."

Suddenly, Krissy buries her face in my mother's pussy and starts licking as fast as she can! I immediately push her away and tell her to stop because it is not fair to make her b*****r wait any longer. Krissy reluctantly stands up then I tell her to go inside the house and make us a big pitcher of lemonade and vodka with lots of ice.

Tommy has been standing just a few feet away this entire time and watching his s****r and grandmother touching each others naked bodies has made him aroused. My mother looks at him and says "Honey, come over here and give your grandma a big hug!"

Because my mother has on tall high heel shoes, Tommy's big hard cock slides right between her legs! They begin tongue kissing as my mother closes her legs tighter together. After a couple of minutes my mother reaches down and grabs Tommy's cock then guides it into her pussy. Tommy suddenly thrusts his hips upwards and buries his entire cock inside her! My mother gasps and I can see that she is out of breath! Tommy must have knocked the wind out of her and she is fainting! She attempts to hang onto Tommy but quickly looses her strength and becomes unsteady on her feet!

Tommy immediately wraps his arms around her waist and tells me to grab the cushion from the reclining lounge chair and lay it down on the tile floor! I quickly do what he says then he lowers my mother down on the cushion and starts fucking her!

I shout at him to get off her because she just fainted but he ignores me and says, "Mom, I can't stop! I promise you I will be done in just a couple of minutes! She is breathing fine! Don't worry about her!"

I plead with him again to get off her and he replies, "Okay, get down on your hands and knees next to me and I will fuck you instead!"

I quickly get in position then Tommy pulls his cock out of my mother and shoves it inside me like I am some cheap whore! We usually take our time and have oral sex before intercourse, but this time he is really excited because of my mother visiting us, so I immediately forgive him.

After a couple of minutes my mother opens her eyes and begins watching my son and I fucking. She knows that I have sex with my son because I told her, but has never witnessed it before today. We look at each other and smile.

Tommy suddenly notices my mother is awake, so he pulls his cock out of me then positions himself between her legs and plunges it back into her again! She starts chanting "Oh my God. Oh my God. Tommy, fuck your grandma! Fuck her good! She is a bad girl and needs to be fucked! Fuck your grandma! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck your grandma! Fuck her!"

After a few more minutes Tommy suddenly stops and my mother says, "Honey, grandma can feel your cock pumping inside her! You don't know how happy you make me when you ejaculate inside me. It tells me that even though I am an older woman, I am still sexy and even a teenage boy wants to fuck me. You are the best grandson that anyone could ask for, so I am going to send you a thousand dollars for your birthday next month, plus a plane ticket to spend a week with me this fall before you go back to college."

I tell Tommy to light the grill and start cooking the hamburgers for dinner then my mother and I take a quick swim in the pool. We have a nice meal then retire indoors to watch television for a while before we pair off and go to bed. Since my husband is out of town on business, my mother is going to sl**p with me and my son is going to sl**p with his s****r. Normally when he is gone my son sl**ps with me, but if he is out late drinking at the bars with his friends, my daughter and I go to bed together. He tried to get in bed with us one night last summer and I told him if he ever staggers in the house and does that again then he can't have sex with me or my daughter for two weeks. Ever since then he justs comes in the house and goes straight to bed.

Anyway, it is now dark outside and the four of us are watching television. My mother and I have got dressed, but my son and daughter are still naked and sitting on the couch. Tommy has his arm around Krissy and they are tongue kissing while he is playing with her cute little boobies and she is slowly jacking his hard cock up and down. After a while Tommy moves his hand down between Krissy's legs and begins finger fucking her right in front of my mother! I look over at her and she smiles at me, so I smile back at her.

About ten minutes later Krissy gets on her knees between her b*****r's leg and starts sucking his cock! After a while she abruptly stops then climbs on his lap and slowly lowers herself down on it. After a few attempts she is seated all the way down and they begin tongue kissing again. A short time later Krissy is frantically bouncing up and down and moaning loudly. Suddenly, Tommy wraps one arm around her waist then uses the other one to push on the couch so he can stand up. What on earth is he planning to do?

Krissy holds Tommy tightly around the neck and she has her ankles locked together behind his back as she says, "Tommy, let's show grandma our famous sex position that we invented and now are friends do it after we showed them how."

My mother and I both watch as Tommy leans back as far as he can then Krissy unlocks her ankles and lets her legs dangle below her. She looks at her grandmother and says, "Watch grandma! Watch what we do next!"

Tommy releases his grip from Krissy's waist then moves his hands to his hips to help support her weight better then Krissy slowly raises her arms up towards the ceiling. When she has her arms outstretched, she looks at my mother and says, "Look grandma! The only thing hold me off the carpet is Tommy's big cock! We got four hundred dollars last week at that sleazy strip club across town for doing this during amateur hour! They were only going to pay us two hundred, but when we proved that we were b*****r and s****r, they doubled the price and booked us again for another performance! Watch what we did that for the audience that made them stand up and start applauding even more!"

Tommy slowly bends his knees and lowers Krissy so she is standing on the carpet then his cock pops out of her. She gets down on her knees with her arms along her sides then opens her mouth. Tommy grabs the back of her head with both of his hands and begins frantically fucking her face. A couple of minutes later Tommy suddenly stops and ejaculates. After Tommy pulls his cock out of her, Krissy opens her mouth and a big gush of sperm and saliva pours out of it and drips down between her breasts.

My mother and I clap our hands and tell them how much we enjoyed the show then I tell them to go upstairs to bed because it is getting late.

After I hear their bedroom doors close, my mother and I quickly strip naked then get into a "sixty nine" position on the living room floor.
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bigdaddyg123 2 years ago
What a fucking fucked up group of incestual son, daughter, mother and grandmother family fuckers. Did I say fucked up fuckers? Jeeeezz, what a horny foursome. I like it!! I LIKE IT!!
bullustampur 4 years ago
Very interesting!
tatooman13 4 years ago
another amazing story
X_PAC6969 4 years ago
fucken hot story here mrs W
freebird63 4 years ago
very nice
Dildar_yk_3 4 years ago
fitz2342 4 years ago
more please

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