Questions about xHamster Mobile

Q. Video isn't working on my phone, can you help me?
A. You can report video that isn't working via our contact form. Please add a direct link to the broken video to your letter

Q. How can I download videos from xHamster to my iPhone?
A. You can download videos from xHamster with a special app, you can get it at

Q. What phone do I need for xHamster mobile?
A. You need a mobile device that support HTML + 3gp or mp4 videos. Recommended minimum internet connection speed is 320kbps

Q. I have a very old phone, how can I enjoy xHamster?
A. You can try our lite version optimized for old phones:

Q. I want to cancel my premium account, how can I do it?
A. Please use this link: if you signed up via Commercegate or this link: if you signed up via Segpay

Q. Can I download videos to my mobile device?
A. Yes, you can download 3gp x and mp4 x videos to your mobile device. Also you can use streaming.

Q. I forgot my password, how can I log in?
A. You can restore your password here:

Q. I see my copyrighted content on xHamster, please remove it
A. Please send us a request with subject "DMCA" or "Abuse" with the direct link to your content (for example

Q. Someone uploaded movie with me, please remove it, it can ruin my life!
A. Please send us the direct link to the content (like to delete it

Q. There is illegal content (rape, zoo, cp) on xHamster, please delete it
A. Please send us the direct url of the movie or picture (like to delete it

Thank you