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addicted8 1 year ago
she can hardly keep a straight face. lol
jerrryyyyy 1 year ago
Ja klar ;-)
Huge_Nigga_Dick 1 year ago
Helll I'm almost that big for real
Debbycome 1 year ago
WHERE IS THIS MAN AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want some
harter23 1 year ago
there were al lot of these fakes in the 1980's you can see them always holding the shaft where the fake -penis was connected to the body...and you see them always from the back just like this video here, you never see the entire body, but nice Fantasy for women...
i was working as a cameraoperator in a video like this...
Blackcock60 1 year ago
Rambok 2 years ago
Handigzo kun je de buurvrouw door de heg neuken al staat de buurman te barbecueën.
tito456 3 years ago
Factis. Cock!
nymphoMOE 3 years ago
Faker than wrestling :-(
yax333k 4 years ago
trucage un faux penis
fun-times 7 years ago
you would not wana go second lol
mind you she might enjoy a real 1
dubada 7 years ago
Nigar Please!!!!!
Ray744y 8 years ago
It is a fake cock, just like her tits are fake, but it makes for a fun video.
haha that is supa fake lmao blacks are big ok but this is fake as fuck lmao
Hank1 8 years ago
Here I go, scratching my head again? That's either fake or a major deformaty!
niceguy67 8 years ago
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