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Seka fucks her boss

Added by charlie_sheen 4 years ago
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dgboy 2 months ago
I too got started in the heavy stocking fetish from watching Seka!
Now I always want my partner, who ever she is to wear the stockings and heels and I am in super fuck mode!
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matchbox48 6 months ago
I know huh? Man what a golden era that was
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throbbinghardboner 1 year ago
One of my favorites, gets my cock hard everytime!
vcmorrow 1 year ago
Luv her!
throbbinghardboner 2 years ago
I fucking love Seka, she's why i'm so into stockings....
Luxxcoder 3 years ago
classic hottie
paulscott 3 years ago
Let me get this straight-----guys actually got paid to fuck her?
jackie84 4 years ago
my ultimate dream woman!
prettypeter 4 years ago
mmmm her body,and that pretty lil asshole...mmmmmm
twowayguy 4 years ago
watching this again makes me believe that i would probably blow my load about 10 seconds after my cock entered her cunt
southerntboy 4 years ago
Would love to be her boss at least for one afternoon!
klothomat 4 years ago
da queen!
twowayguy 4 years ago
seka and david morris. a very hot combo. loved that part of the scene when he was fucking her missionary style and whe had those hot legs around his waist. once read that another male porn star said seka had the tightest cunt muscles he had ever felt and that it was a real challenge to be able to hold the cumshot until the end of the scene. i can only imagine!!
NewAlbani 4 years ago
Supreme queen of porn
Mr_Kite 4 years ago
Seka, always a good fuck! :-)
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