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Wife asked to try a black man (BBC)

Added by Ryuk_00 4 years ago
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rundsund 1 month ago
Very Nice
DickLover59 1 month ago
Is that Sara Palin? If I didn't know better, I'd say it is! This is what she ought to be doing, and stay out of politics. This is your métier, Sara. Not too late!
runesowelo 3 months ago
Yeaaah...wonderful assfuck,superhorny fuckslut and a big,fat nigga-cock!!! First class!!! I love it very!!! rs.
Tlee987 4 months ago
slutwife fucked in the ass while hubby watches
dmilkman5000 8 months ago
Two creeps
Pussy_Lint 9 months ago
Love Byron's red socks. They match her heels :D
Pussy_Lint 9 months ago
I suppose there is a sort of kinky appeal to it. I just caught the view of the husband holding his wife's hand while the dude is ramming her and thought "What must he be thinking about"? Maybe they left the babysitter at home with the kid and now mommy is getting rammed while daddy watches :) Like I said, kinky.
in reply to DickLover59 (Show the comment)
bryan3 1 year ago
I Wanna sign my wife up for THAT!
hotwok19 1 year ago
This milf is possibly the most gorgeous I have ever seen & what a fucking that hung nigger gave her. I think her hubby enjoyed watching her arse getting pounded ust as much as she did!!!.
vital99 2 years ago
It isn't the first black cock she has had, and won't be the last one either
bornforporn 2 years ago
this is my all time fav!
mamasboy 3 years ago
Now THIS is a good "go black" video. If you're going to turn a girl, get her some black dick that ACTUALLY impress in size and girth, not just ANY black dick.
legend59x 3 years ago
first time shut up
DickLover59 3 years ago
Pimp? Bullshit. My wife and I are into this sort of thing, and I am not her "pimp." Why is it SO hard for some guys to fathom that a husband could like to see their wife fucking other men? Really! I mean, just because YOU can't wrap YOUR head around the idea, that doesn't prove anything but your own lack of imagination. I LUUUUV watching my wife fuck different guys! There's nothing quite so hot as that. (As for divorce papers-- why is that an automatic assumption? Huh? If the couple is that into doing such things, why the fuck get a divorce?!! What would the point in that be?)
adonnis225 3 years ago
I want to be in the next video!
John3303 4 years ago
The husband should have sucked his dick also.
KeesJansma 4 years ago
Who's the girl!?
gordjca 4 years ago
A pretty girl, that sob is a pimp. He must be behind in his payments...he sold his bitch to niggers.
fuckerskin 4 years ago
bbc nigga fukk that white trash deep n hard in the asshole !!!
wad333111 4 years ago
that well kept together pussy sure got a treat there. and that ass is straight up trained for black tube meat, fucking 16:00 and 16:22 is so hot.
zebec847 4 years ago
delicious anal fuck
azizbass 4 years ago
whoops I think divorce papers coming soon lol
icore69 4 years ago
I´ve seen these and it is great
Ryuk_00 4 years ago
Its one of the few videos I have seen from begining to end, xD.

I think its really good. As I always say I try to upload just the best (for my taste). Im glad you like it.
ICmanRules 4 years ago
ALL TIME BEST vid!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta watch ALL of it!
She really gets OUT of Her Head.
She loses track of all else.
janv350 4 years ago
fuck that ass!
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