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Big Black Monster Cock!

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Added by 4 years ago
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slamme3x 4 months ago
This is a 4 year old clip ....and it still ranks as one of the best ever on this site.....just the sheer rawness of Flex's big black muscle balls deep in that lovely perfectly shape ass....mmmm.....and the way that botbiotch.....takes every inch of that pole....especially aound :28 when his distended asspussy just squeezes flex.....OMD ...just make me nutt every time.....
atownsexnow 5 months ago
I luv it soooooooooo much! Why I'm a BBC bottom pig for over 2 years! No white cock for me!
tsbev4u 6 months ago
Hot! BBC is a fantastic turn on
Ichundmeiner 11 months ago
Geile Arschmassage!
Idoall 11 months ago
I would love to spend a day getting pounds on that park bench.
divedog1960 1 year ago
Awesome vid...
Iamcuriousaboutyou 1 year ago
White men are beginning to understand more and more why our women are going black. Once a black man takes us we realize how fantastic sex feels with their tools in us. Refusal is not an option, their big black cocks rob us of our willpower. And once they've shot a hot load of their semen down our throats and up our butts we fully realized the pleasures our wives, daughters and girlfriends know.
bcl666 1 year ago
A muscular black man with a beautiful cock.
ballz00 2 years ago
where do I find me a big black stud ffs
ricardo_geil 2 years ago
damn where is that park !!! i wanna pass bye and hel en get fucked in my ass !!
MaxPumper 2 years ago
Wish that was me taking that cock.
Hung8inchstud 2 years ago
Wow that is some awesome close up bareback fucking!!
leo756 3 years ago
Ah, it's finally springtime again! Mating season in the park after a long hard winter!
88breedstock 3 years ago
Fucking HoT! I need a cock to fuck me
2bigisjustrite 3 years ago
I need that cock!
Blacknadja 3 years ago
Me next?
hotfreak69 3 years ago
where is that dick
rolandw 4 years ago
möcht auch von den black schwanz so gefickt werden
marceloporno6969 4 years ago
quiero un negro metiendome tremendo guevote asi en la playa!
loulou78520 4 years ago
i want to be instead of the guy on the bench , feel the big black dick move in my ass like that
FrenchBigCock 4 years ago
Love bare fucks !
martan 4 years ago
sutra69 4 years ago
marshalstern 4 years ago
i'd trade places with either one
Ho4blk 4 years ago
They just dont get any hotter than Flex!
flush57 4 years ago
good job
muelpass 4 years ago
Flex kwows how to deliver!
cocksuckersissy 4 years ago
i need my boi pussy fucked like that
diazaburo 4 years ago
Kahless420 4 years ago
Need a dick down like that...
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