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Ass Ripping & Pussy Pounding Dp For A Spic Bitch! By: FTW88

Added by fukthaworld88 4 years ago
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nordhamburger 2 years ago
turyboy 4 years ago
Hot video

Thanks for sharing!
HarryBallzz 4 years ago
I fucking love Chiquita Lopez!!! She is one highly underated little anal slut :0)
tonywall 4 years ago
She is awesome,great video..
cigardad4dad 4 years ago
Chile pepper in fucking heat??? OH YEAH! Chiquita takes those curved bananas up every fucking wet hole she has and just says WOW. Love a whore like that!

Reminds me of a bitch I used to rent. Spit all the way into the back of her throat, and then skullfuck her until I fucking banged spunk to the back of her neck. But there I go, reminiscing- LOL!

One of these days, I gotta get down to Mattress Discounters and replace the squirt-stained piece of shit me and the dog sleep on when the whore heads down the hill after a hot fuck. Not to mention the fine piece of manmeat I'm fudgepacking!

But hell, this bitch passed the audition- she can join me and my other half for a nice ass-ripping, pussy busting fuck feast any old day- and thanks for posting, motherfucker! You can hold the cam when you're not going in with your jeans around your knees!

Weinfan 4 years ago
Chiquita is definitly not shy - finest Gonzo!
ancutza24 4 years ago
mmm would love to take her place anytime
gbfun 4 years ago
hot fucking, tfs!
dpfriend 4 years ago
The first time I watch this scene, i had discover Chiquita. Crazy bitch
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