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First time figging

Added by hotpotatogirl 4 years ago
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stefhavre43 1 month ago
that is bout same size as my Travis when he is erect
stefhavre43 6 months ago
The ginger, skinned and often carved into the shape of a butt plug, causes an intense burning sensation and often intolerable discomfort to the subject. The effect builds up to the maximum within about the first two to five minutes and lasts for about half an hour before gradually easing while the essential oils are depleting. The used ginger can be skinned further or a new one can be used for continuation with an undiminished effect on the subject.[4]

If the person being figged tightens the muscles of the anus, the sensation becomes more intense
TheCatzzMeeow 11 months ago
thought I knew it all....what is figging?
Zola176 1 year ago
Geile filmpje!
elfriedelover 1 year ago
mmh, sehr sehr geil ! du hast einen schönen Körper !!!
lekkergroot19 1 year ago
lekker kontje
Wolf95 2 years ago
Yum! She has a lovely ass, nice tits and a sexy belly.
welshpooldude 2 years ago
I love this vid. Very hot xx
quebec_dave 2 years ago
Nice vid, pig! I love seeing you cry and squirm. I hope you licked it clean afterwards like a good fuckpig! ;-)
hagrid007 2 years ago
Very nice - you look so sexy with that hot ginger up your arse. My big hard cock would hurt you more though, and it would be an amazing orgasm to shoot my load up you :)
sirspankdaddy 2 years ago
Good girl!
tuteuf 2 years ago
I think you need to to do the same in your pussy
bigboy116932 3 years ago
Great video loved watching you fig yourself it was hot
bad1don 3 years ago
need to spank that ass while figging
in reply to jppy (Show the comment)
chiefnut 4 years ago
Fun to watch
nawtylad 4 years ago
why she does not tidy her room I do not know !!!
jppy 4 years ago
figging is very hot!
Kinkysissy 4 years ago
♥ i know exactly how that felt ! ♥
maskturbator 4 years ago
I've heard tell that figging is just awful.
The fresh ginger really stings the raw flesh of the rectum.

Thanks for sharing with us.
Jackall007 4 years ago
Good girl. Perhaps we could see you slowly drag your pussy on the floor over a line of red pepper next. xxx
juniordesade 4 years ago
That's what she gets for not picking up her clothes.
MasterSteven 4 years ago
Good girl.
bubbleoz 4 years ago
Good work - enjoyed watching the hops :)
ktn_cpl 4 years ago
just lovely, we like to use ginger as well ;-)
letshavefunto9t 4 years ago
very good the fig is a wonderful tool
reddenmyass29t 4 years ago
ummmm i love doing that as well
libertine66 4 years ago
How lovely to watch you squirm...
frits070 4 years ago
great vid. you kept it in a long time :)
bearke 4 years ago
love it
Pierre771 4 years ago
The woman is beautiful
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