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Japanese Creampie

Added by mot35 4 years ago
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vezerlay101 1 month ago
britgeezer 3 months ago
over 1000 Japanese movies seen
- all make the same exact noise
-all cum in the same exact missionary position.
is it against japanese law to creampie in doggy or cowgirl position?
Tlee987 6 months ago
hot cum filled cunt
sportif45 7 months ago
beautiful girl and lovely pussy would love to eat her
naoekanemura 7 months ago
w0nd3rful3l3ctr1c 9 months ago
beautiful woman, love the creampie. very hot
cumeater1 3 years ago
köstlich, das jetzt abschlürfen zu dürfen...
zorroclin 4 years ago
salemnasry 4 years ago
mauriciomiranda 4 years ago
She is beautiful, nice pussy!
naoekanemura 4 years ago
Krone123 4 years ago
Beautiful Pussy
Fredlake 4 years ago
it's great when you can see the sperm pumped in
laurenlove07 4 years ago
mmm, wow..really hot !!
egines 4 years ago
That was a big shot in her nice pussy!
javaman 4 years ago
Beautiful pussy
eta6977 4 years ago
wish she would sit on my face
mythisme 4 years ago
love asians, and love pies... great combination... would love to wet her more..
act51 4 years ago
Lovely looking girl with a perfect hairy cunt!
puncture 4 years ago
Lovely juicy pussy
Mr_Kite 4 years ago
She is beautiful and not only has a lovely body but a gorgeous, hairy, lippy, juicy pussy. Well fingered and well fucked! :-)
Fyrd 4 years ago
This is a no nonsense, straight-forward sex video with simple, uncomplicated sex action and no absurd plot or 'story board', just a good honest fucking of a delicious, succulent, Japanese sex-doll. As this female adequately demonstrates, not all of these petite, Japanese, sex goddesses are tiny, nubile teenagers. She has a truely beautiful, fresh face and to see it smiling down at me as her ample, soaking wet pussy was manually fingered and fondled was exceptionally erotic.

Unfortunately, as she got fucked, she succumbed to the senseless screaming, whining and moaning that is a cultural trait of the Japanese. Normally the Japanese guys don't do justice to their sex-dolls by not fucking them long and hard enough, often with tiny cocks, before finishing off with a pathetic load of spunk. Fortunately, he did her justice as he deposited from a normal, average-sized cock a very full and respectable load of thick, creamy, white spunk in her wet, accommodating cunt.

The only thing that would have increased the eroticism of this video for me (other than fucking her myself, that is) would have been to have her hairy pussy shaved so I could have seen and fantasised about the full curves, deep crevice and soft, plump pussy-lips. A minor quibble for an otherwise excellent video.
marco_191 4 years ago
thats alot of pussy lip...looks good and fantastic creampie!
alonedark0 4 years ago
beerman169 4 years ago
thats the one thing i dont like about asain porn, the noie they make sounds horrible
jayzr 4 years ago
why does it always sound like shes being hurt??
willynilly54 4 years ago
Nice hot hairy sensitive female friendly horny sex!
voajerista 4 years ago
What a beautiful pussy!!!
HiddenHotties 4 years ago
That's raw.
nic44 4 years ago
I love her pussy
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