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teen squirting

Added by micionemiao 3 years ago
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tonyka54 5 days ago
Too much analysis for me in some of the comments below. What I see is a brave, shameless & extremely arousing performance from a cute young girl. The fact that she is showing her face & produced fluid from her cunt on camera & more than 200,000 people have watched it, makes it very exciting. I really admire her & I hope she goes far. If she plans a future in the adult industry & I'm sure she has the mindset to do it, she's 99% likely to make a big success of it. Good on her.
biqdk 6 months ago
Hun er sød. Min pik er så hård
ethanmasturs 6 months ago
Love this video, she made me cum so hard!!!
Julie444 7 months ago
Just say its pissing, don't try to fake it saying its a real cum squirt, I hate that. We can all piss.
sex4one 10 months ago
Sehr süsse Maus ..
walcoman 10 months ago
Oh my GOd talk abOut a trailer park piece Of skank! Can you just imagine with that Carpet smells like after that?SCARY
Wolle016 10 months ago
Wow bei der würde ich maql gerne ein Rohr verlegen
loveandpain 10 months ago
❤ ♡ ❤ ♡
philipg07 1 year ago
buy some g strings
fred_007 1 year ago
What is the name of her?
Have anyone more pic or vidz from this sweet girl?
F1fan2005 1 year ago
I do think it was pee, simply because of how much fluid there was. Also, it didn't look like she really orgasmed. She is definitely pushing too, but she only really pushes after she plays with her clit, not before, for the most part. Now, that said, it's still sexy as hell, and I actually think she's brave for getting naked, touching herself, and then pushing like that in front of a camera and then posting it. Assuming that she did pee and she knew she was going to, this girl literally went to the bathroom in front of like millions of people - that's hot!
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hornyjackrussel 1 year ago
love this, wish it was in my mouth, gorgeous tits too
ParishWide 1 year ago
In response to others below: it MAY be squirting b/c the openings of the Skene's glands are at 4:30 and 7:00 o'clock right next to the urethra. Without being able to taste, smell, and feel the fluid we can't really tell. I agree that when she was "pushing" it out, that action raises doubts.
BlakBare 2 years ago
Damn....That shit was Dope!!
adrian1972 2 years ago
I love this!
azehn 2 years ago
spitzbube77 2 years ago
saugeil die kleine
glx01 2 years ago
I loved it made me cock my dick .
isabou 2 years ago
that isn't no squirt that's pissing
tuyau 2 years ago
juste celle qui me fallais pour au soir
Matze200 2 years ago
einfach geil. du geile sau
barni6-66 2 years ago
du bist so geil
barni6-66 2 years ago
ich spritz schon wieder du machst das so geil
herw69 3 years ago
is not squirting,she doing pipi,
barni6-66 3 years ago
sehr geil ich wichs mir gerade einen
barni6-66 3 years ago
sehr geilich würde deinen saft gerne schlürfen und dich zum nächsten spritzer fingern
smokebombhill 3 years ago
That is just insanely hot.
andromahy 3 years ago
vlvr 3 years ago
That was so hot!
ilovetolickcunt 3 years ago
Now,this is sweet, 3:49 well spent, I could get off on the sound track alone.
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