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Hot Hot Hot Interracial Missionary

Added by rdds83 3 years ago
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eyeglass10 7 days ago
This is the first BBC I've ever seen make Janet orgasm during a missionary pounding and she laughs in surprise at 1:05. I like the BBC in the video below plow her pussy. He would drag her pussy up and down the mattress and make her scream.

beedee241 1 month ago
She loooooves to fuck ....and she's damn good at it too ;)!
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HNG5252 1 month ago
Brilliant vid !! She definitely got her ticket punched !!
Slutwifelover 1 month ago
is very hot,a good fucker for all wifes
soeager2 1 month ago
She is so loving him driving deep into her juicy cunt....then kissing her as he cums !! Just the way I love it !! ...Susie
lyndsi 1 month ago
omgggggggggg!! i love him.... omg that last long kiss.......
i lost it so sweet a wedding.........
oh myyyyyyyy
sumdee 3 months ago
He fucked her good,.. sexy fkn bitch, love those legs and sexy feet, especially when she puts her sexy arched feet on his thighs
MilesNJ 5 months ago
Wow! Talk about someone who enjoys her work!!
cuck4life 6 months ago
Totally agree. So perfect
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cuck4life 6 months ago
Beautiful beyond description. Absolutely perfect. Wish that was my wife. What an unbelievably strong black bul!
ritt556 7 months ago
I love how Janet holds her feet in that position while she gets pounded.
MiIRCouple 7 months ago
Janet Mason's husband----the Ultimate cuckold. I guess he doesn't mind watching as long as he is making $$$$$$$
agnos 1 year ago
great video thanks for sharing
honkeydonkey 1 year ago
HOT HOT HOT! Thanks for sharing! That boy could fuck and he has the sexiest ass and body!
maxp2424 1 year ago
2:20-2:50 is pure erotic hotwife perfection
tonicumluver 1 year ago
That's good fucking, I could do with some of that right now !
falco1988 1 year ago
good missionary fucking
ballsdeepeva 1 year ago
2:20 the best fuck moves, from both, that i have ever seen; i came in my panties
bigkahones 1 year ago
..she has the power..!
bigkahones 1 year ago
Damn, she's like a full-sized jack-off toy but much better, she rides his dick just like he wanted, her pussy is so juicy and they fucked non-stop deeply, it was amazing watching them fuck each other except would be even more erotic if he could meet her gaze but then he would probably cum right away so he has to avoid and focus on staying hard to keep fucking the pussy good...---but she's all there into it physically and mentally, handling his dick and enjoying it. He got the hammer but she has
sexqueen000 1 year ago
My pussy and ass is waiting forsuch black studs cock...hmmmm
larrysoratiya 1 year ago
I am counting the days now that in August 16th-21st her fertile window my Thai wife will be impregnated by a big black bull when we are in Pattaya I cant wait to see him impregnating her
trumptight85 1 year ago
Janet Mason is still awesome!
blacklicker 1 year ago
Beautifully, big guy, so well built would love to be fucked by him
MarciaPanties 1 year ago
Hot! Love it when my guy gives it to me like this. It really turns me on to feel his weight on top of my as he grunts and sweats while filling me up with his cock and cum.
theresa40dd 1 year ago
Looks like a nice afternoon away from the husband,
Erghost 1 year ago
Incredible, beautiful, interracial love-making. If ever there was proof that all white wives should have black lovers, this is it. White husbands, are you going to deny the woman you love this? Let your beautiful, loving, special white wives have what they deserve, give them big black cock.
bread9 1 year ago
good one
Bgilda 2 years ago
VERY hot pumping! great ass!
yourexoticdish 2 years ago
Thank you