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White Wife Enjoys A Fuck From Her First Black Cock !

Added by 4 years ago
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bonnieville750 2 months ago
loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope she had a good cum too ???
gregr99 2 months ago
So many of these dudes can't get a hard dick.
Dana13j 2 months ago
DirtyMinded59 6 months ago
Good one.
thehun32 10 months ago
what an amazing fuck she is and the way that ugly guy had her pinned exposing her little anus
for the world to see, he really should have jammed 2 fingers up it why had hold of her cheeks
omg I so gotta get to her she is damn pretty.
radiodictum 1 year ago
She says that wasn't so bad.
JackStevensHW 1 year ago
Won't be her last.
jjballs 1 year ago
She goes by Sandie
yssupcrisis 2 years ago
I dunno if this is her first or not but here's a link to her in the same outfit and in the same room with 2 black dudes.
One of which might be the same as in this vid.
vintagep 2 years ago
what was with the fart in the end, disgusting
pheerless 2 years ago
You can tell this girl is from the societal upper class... she was taught at finishing school to keep her breasts covered when in the presence of men.
jameshung27 2 years ago
I would luv to give it to your wife. I am 28 and have 10x6" of black meat for her.
in reply to wildman369 (Show the comment)
jameshung27 2 years ago
Luv giving a white wife her first black especially when they are this woman's age or older and I could give her twice as much as this guy.
markkeys 2 years ago
she loves that
wildman369 2 years ago
it was hot man I wish that was my wife getting her first black cock an filling her with his load
toobigtofit 2 years ago
something magical the first time
johnsmithx 2 years ago
be sure you turn sound up! very nice
subemily_ny 2 years ago
Wow you can tell she was getting stretched Big time....and she handled it
treaploc53 2 years ago
And, having gone black, do you suppose she ever went back?
bluehendu 3 years ago
Her sexy moaning and panting put me into launch mode! Great job BBC pounding this sweet muff!!
lil_hubby 3 years ago
Cleanup cucky here. YUMMY!!
hornybitch1990 3 years ago
i remember my first black cock it was greattttttt:)
vehix44 3 years ago
Every snow bunny needs to feel this love and Pure Passion between her thighs:-)
Having black dick inside her will help her find herself and make her live PERFECT!
LoriGarcia 3 years ago
love the missionary kissing
triop 3 years ago
Can't believe I missed this when it was first posted. Really nice video, great IR fucking, nice sounds and a lovely creampie
Tazboy6969 3 years ago
tiny cock---waste
YamiKuriboh 3 years ago
Sandie from reel dirty. Full vid is on here somewhere at 30mins. She did another vid too which I haven't see, PM IF YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS
aldocella 3 years ago
Loved her moans of pleasure. The big cock was good for her.
GT5151 3 years ago
nice...loved that she took the creampie
Xerxes1 3 years ago
very realistic
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