Pussyboy's Cum Eating Sissy Tribute For Mistress Donna

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ssspspb 27 days ago
I'd love to do a combination video like that with another sissy slut - love the idea of cum swapping - so naughty - I'm sure all the mistresses would love us to play as filthy sissy faggots together
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reddog24 28 days ago
Not only did you do what Mistress Donna wanted but also fucked your worthless cunt hole with a big black nigger dick then you went nasty and beat that fucking little thing you call a clitty with your whip .My oh my did your cum taste as good as it looked ? I'm so pleased you got all of it cleaned up for your mistress . Now I want to do the exact same thing with you and beat our dicks together with both us getting fucked by nigger dicks and cumming on same plate at same time . It will then be a race to see who can eat most of the cum . Let's just swap it back it forth from my mouth to yours . Mistress Donna should be happy with us both .......
mistresspet26 1 year ago
ur a sperm eater nasty slut dog....excellent video where u cummed and ate ur own ....and even showed ur tongue like a hungry dog.....u got some cum sticking to ur hair
pathetic ass hole

now i will cum in ur plate and u must lick it up too cunt bitch
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ssspspb 2 years ago
Let me be your fuckslop clean up sissy...and eat all of your creampies
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MILF_Pussy_4_U 2 years ago
I love men (sissys) who eat their cum and especially my creampie from many lovers.
flounderpounder 2 years ago
Like a vanilla milkshake.
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barharbor 3 years ago
i shot a big fucking load jerking-off to that video.your fucking cock sticking out of the thong really turned me on and i loved looking at your tight nuts hanging beneath the binding.i would have loved to cup that sack in my hands as you were stroking-off.that cum shot looked like it felt fantastic.i've never eaten does it taste?
robdenbosch 3 years ago
I would do that for Miss Cheyenne too!
tripper6999 3 years ago
good sissy!
asdrubalepennivendol 3 years ago
good sissy
mistress_smoked 3 years ago
what a pathetic worm!!
patrickcm1512 3 years ago
VERY good tribute
nikeswings 3 years ago
what a good pussyboy
pajoe 4 years ago
Love you smooth hairless cock and the cum eating.
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