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Mature brunette in glasses cherishes huge facial cumshot.

Added by goobergrubstake 3 years ago
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faceXblaster 1 month ago
Damn, that dude was backed up!
yahoooo 2 months ago
I love girls that wants their protein !
GloryOfCock 3 months ago
hot blast
Thicker9 4 months ago
nice load, why close your eyes if u have glasses on
arnoldbuckston 4 months ago
Great load... love those nice red cock sucker lips...
Leather_Joanne 5 months ago
I always liked her
CumWorshipper 5 months ago
Oh Aunt Jane.... you look so pretty with my cum splattered all over your face.
yahoooo 6 months ago
I want a granny like her !
NRNS 6 months ago
Amazingly hot. She could have every drop of my cum every day.
Maritatv 11 months ago
Checker655 1 year ago
She is Hot !
bigshooter365 1 year ago
damn, someone was saving up, fantastic!
anchovie 1 year ago
So this is what Celia Imrie gets up to in her spare time.I would love to spunk long and hard into this sexy womans pretty face mmmmm.....
georgesdad 1 year ago
Now that's what dinner ladies should do! Take cum on their faces
wrigglepup1 1 year ago
She is so familiar????
Takes it damned well, great cock-sucker! :)
carneblanca 1 year ago
If she licked his balls he would no doubt cum harder but she does at least massage them causing almost the msae spinchter reaction. However if he left his dick alone and allowed her to suck him to completion, (going by the beginning she has the most exquiste technique) his ejaculation wouldve been far more powerful. Havng said that he was fully loaded its not a bad cum blast. Shes the sort of woman you make friends with and keep a dizcreet realationship with her.
jamesb81 1 year ago
I want to see her take five same (or even bigger) cum blasts from younger blokes
boooteeluver 1 year ago
nutt tickling produces bigger loads
Thicker9 1 year ago
I have found just because a cock is big doesn't mean big load I got the biggest facial ever (and I've had a lot) from a 5 incher.
badeye 2 years ago
Id love to Cum in her mouth and kiss her:-)
Baddaddy530 2 years ago
I want to see MORE of her!!!! OMG
CaptClaude 2 years ago
Her interest seems almost clinical.
yahoooo 2 years ago
He train her very well !
Alwyzrdy 2 years ago
She reminds me of someone I know. Big squirting facial.
shanefinnel 2 years ago
Cum loving woman
mattmozz 3 years ago
Klavier 3 years ago
well done
Ibjorker 3 years ago
Awesome sexy clip , would really love to see more of her
roman64 3 years ago
Lucky girl xxxx
maturedancing 3 years ago
uuuummmmmmmmm on face
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