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First time wife sharing at swingers party

Added by like2share 3 years ago
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laurelfun 6 days ago
Love this girl!!!! XOXOXOX
Eranu9 1 month ago
She's amazing
thedumas 1 month ago
fuck! fuck! fuck! is she still attending parties
stillatit50 2 months ago
She is hot, great body.
trtroll 2 months ago
daycarr07 3 months ago
I thinks everyone said the same thing I did when she took off that bra and the same thing when she swallowed, WOW...
ggnaturals 3 months ago
We used to go to swingers clubs often, but if they were as boring as that buggered if we would have bothered! I went there to get fucked & fucked hard and often, none of that namby pamby stuff, its about the fucking not romance there!
jaredsparks 4 months ago
a party? with 2 people?
mjsocal 5 months ago
Like :)
karenlovesfun 7 months ago
very nice xx
jp4avgas 7 months ago
SinSai 7 months ago
Thats the guy job to get her there. These types turns me on the most the fact that i have work hard for a moan and an orgasm. I can't stand a woman moaning when barely touch her. Thats jus. Me.
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1DoubleDare 8 months ago
Not so shy anymore!
coopertown 10 months ago
I love this video. You could tell they're nervous, but that's what makes it so good. The lack of experience is sexy.
VikingGundy 10 months ago
I like the fact that it's real, or seems real, however they aren't really all that exciting to watch. She isn't to into it.
SinSai 1 year ago
I hate vids like this. Just edit out the pussy eating scene to orgasm. Why?
hot hot hot
patjo5344 1 year ago
Très excitante cette femme. Patrick,mon mari,m'a déjà fait faire quelque chose de semblable.
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akswingset 1 year ago
Love the situation and the scenario. She has a hot bod. But the level of enthusiasm was really bad.
shatta165 1 year ago
She looks different witout glasses
actionlover 1 year ago
must798 1 year ago
joeg524 2 years ago
Yep. Same tattoo above the butt crack.
in reply to uzal1980 (Show the comment)
joeg524 2 years ago
Guy is a total loser dork. Happened to be the only guy there at the time.
gabedababe 2 years ago
Horrible . Get that cock hard and pound her !
Robgroen 2 years ago
She is good! Love a woman who sucks and swallow
Plece 2 years ago
I agree wife been curious during sex I tell her I want to share her. I want guy to cum in her mouth and on tits. Finally got her to want to do it. Says she wants two guys to take turns on her while watch the. Fuck her when they are done
in reply to treaploc53 (Show the comment)
Plece 2 years ago
Can't wait to share my wife
Geezer_G 2 years ago
Nice feet. Hers, not his. She's hot--sorta--and maybe with a more interesting and talented partner, she'd shine. But not today.
Tomjohnson270 2 years ago
Nice video!
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