Vintage Cumshot (LOADS of cum)

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Short clip of a fountain of cum onto a gorgeous woman.

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BlackDstick25 1 year ago
Great clip!!
ohsothick 1 year ago
shes a cum sponge
chapster49 4 years ago
Batman13 5 years ago
Damn, what a load!
Thamburan 5 years ago
I don't think its a fake cumshot, anyway i like that girl's expression & bOObs.... watch this too frndz
SimplyAverage 6 years ago
Nice :)
wixxxer 6 years ago
didier120 6 years ago
nestlé pomp fake
harder 6 years ago
great video
tweek86 6 years ago
Had a compilation disc, long ago, with this part on it, but I never could find the full scene. It's definitely Holly Body, and fake. Can't understand why today's sites dedicated to fake orgasms can't make them as good as they used to. It still kills me that there isn't more to see of this scene.
budville 6 years ago
LindaYY 7 years ago
awesome vid
ussu 7 years ago
great cumshot
gun_bunny 7 years ago
Check the tits on Holly body..DAMN!!
Nickw1979 7 years ago
Is this Holly Body? does anyone know who it is or what scene/movie it's from?
carsmike111 7 years ago
good cum shot
dockchetolphin 7 years ago
Gerard123 7 years ago
Get a impression it's faked but an impressive cumshot nevertheless, and onto such a pretty face!
fagboy46 7 years ago
lucky bitch!wud pay to have that huge loada spunk squirted all over me face!
Jasper50 7 years ago
Really plastered
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