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Shemale Cumshot Compilation

Added by DocGT 6 years ago
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Jannsexytg 13 days ago
I’ve gotten to be quite a connoisseur of gurl cum. My personal preference was for gurl cum. I found gurl cum had a nice, piquant after-dinner flavor – intoxicating, but with just a touch of mellow smoothness and sweetness. Bon appétit.
jackfrost46 19 days ago
good vid
Love2BeBi 2 months ago
Hot video.....
Jo-nathan 1 year ago
Who's the one @ 7:43?
bigverga 1 year ago
Wayhard 1 year ago
All of the gurls shooting cum is great, I like the gurl at 1:20 the best
tran_man123 1 year ago
I love watching cum spurting out of hard cocks.
2011frank 1 year ago
+++++ 2.30 6.15
JamesTheBert 1 year ago
Terrible sound quality - but some great visuals
budahmunk420 1 year ago
The sped up timing did not make it better.
Rushman_67 1 year ago
That's fucking hot xxx
zubairkhans 2 years ago
hot video
bobyahoo 2 years ago
simon1simon1 2 years ago
A guy below he gay cos he watches these, he is not, and neither am I.....its just so fukin erotic....much sexier than watching girls wank off.
breeder09 3 years ago
So hot to watch them jerking their hard male cocks to squirt their ball juice out especially the ones with the big cocks that have their balls bouncing!
other2name 3 years ago
Shemale cums while fucking 1:32, 2:45, 9:25, 9:53, 10:49, 14:47
TGirlFan-de-RB 4 years ago
bronzethorn 4 years ago
Great - thanks!
mustbtuesday 5 years ago
there's something about shemales... I can't look away... an erotic car crash, maybe... but a cumming cock is a cumming cock....
caligula50 5 years ago
superb cumpilation..thx for sharing
babur_nama 5 years ago
wonderful compilation!
jackfrost46 5 years ago
Not too bad
papajerk4u 5 years ago
Hot stuff
mjke2006 5 years ago
lauragurl 5 years ago
Love It
SexyMaus20 5 years ago
Ich steh drauf. :D
beave1948 5 years ago
I LOVE shemale self facials!!!
martinmarts 5 years ago
am i gay because i watched this video lol :D
lasolas50 5 years ago
great video,hot comp
HOLY-SMOKE 5 years ago
Check out the girl at 11:20 - the perfect body!
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