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White Chick Takes a Monster Cock In Front of Dad

Added by 6 years ago
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evolobo 3 months ago
love this
satyriasiss 8 months ago
in reply to moemablefrancois (Show the comment)
XXXNoBounds 1 year ago
great slut
Manija1 1 year ago
who is she?
biglode 1 year ago
great scene
blackcockbi 1 year ago
if i ever have a daughter i want her to be a black cock whore. after she sucks off bbc i want her to kiss me ...
sexymarty 3 years ago
i'm still waiting for part 2 of this video where her fake daddy tries out her stretched pussy for some sloppy seconds
iwannac 3 years ago
I love how at 12:00, she says, "Yeah daddy, I am a good daughter." As that nasty black guy pulls her panties down to her knees.
tightlittleme 3 years ago
I need that in my life
moemablefrancois 3 years ago
her fake moaning ruined this for me... and that pussy is disgusting lol
picsviewer 3 years ago
Wow. She took it balls deep without preparation.
HeavyBeef 4 years ago
These vids are so fking stupid other than seeing some hot Czech bimbo get impaled
hubris 4 years ago
damn! he fucked the shit outta her
FunxxxNY5108 4 years ago
I know therapy is expensive but thats money well spent
FunxxxNY5108 4 years ago
if you want the best for your daughter you will have no problem with this
dirtygirl123 4 years ago
i love mouth fucking huge cock
dr1972 4 years ago
I'm with Janie, if I had a daughter I would so pimp her out for sports tickets and shit like that....but I wouldn't be able to resist taking some liberties in this situation....she might have been in doubt, but daddy should have shown her how much he still loves his girl!
c-what 5 years ago
Janie , dad was in shock , and humiliated , a true cuckold !
Janie 5 years ago
But "Daddy" didn't get any! Not quite Oscar quality, but it made a good show. Cute premise, but I do think her daddy should have gotten some of his hot little girl.
ukwhitesubboy 5 years ago
great to see that Black seed being planted where it belongs for once :)
emilia_abatedaga 5 years ago
jajajajajaj wowwwww hot video,she looks like me when i was going trip around the world
autodit 5 years ago
good girl, she is a nice bitch !
bobszvetics 5 years ago
she will never forget jacks monstercock
jay4422 5 years ago
mad4mandingo 5 years ago
looks like an early Dog Fart movie..maybe 2001..with Jack Napier. Dog Fart always has skinny young pretty white chix to take on big glack dix.
KarinaTS 5 years ago
She's getting her Rindswurst (beef-sausage = black dick)
erkekiyis 5 years ago
Great video! Thanks!
Janie 5 years ago
Now that he sees how much his daughter likes it, maybe this daddy will get some of her for himself. It was a totally different scene, but I remember the first time I took my uncle's monster cock while Daddy watched. The uncle is my late mother's younger brother. I learned that those two used to share Mother together a lot, too. Like mother, like daughter.
gibgazz 5 years ago
strange and sexy
zbullape 5 years ago
Hilarious! And the thought of it...Cute young girl ,giant cocked guru and dad. The girl and the guru rap psychobabble while the dad watches his sweet young daughter being fucked raw with a cock bigger than most donkeys. Some weird psychosexual hook in there-it snagged me. unusual post. thnx
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