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All Anal Closeup Creampie with Abigail Dupree

Sensual Pain
Added by AbigailDupree 4 days ago
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Silver_Bullets4U 24 minutes ago
I think a lot of women who love and ride horses and are around these magnificent creatures with giant cocks when they are mating, could no doubt spark a secret fantasy in many women that they would deny even to themselves...Case in point.... We raise Arabians.....and I can tell you that I have secretly observed my sexy little woman more than once masturbating in the stable while watching our prized Stallion's huge cock sliding in and fucking the shit out of the mare.... I didn't ever let on about seeing her because I didn't want to embarrass her and also noticed that it seemed to make her extra horny and want to fuck soon thereafter....always ending up with her letting me fuck her ass I kinda accepted her little perversion and have kept my knowledge of her secret turn onto myself.....but this video has shown me how to broach the subject of her obsession.....I'm going to buy one of these "horse cock dildos" and give it to her for her birthday and play her this video and have her read the comments....Ya think that will blow her mind?????
samartKey 3 hours ago
Awesome !!!
you are perfect ! yes your master can be proud of you ;p
thanks for the share <3
THE-D1CK 4 hours ago
damn i love it
ts-barbette 9 hours ago
Yes Baby more please Sooooooooooooooooo Gooooood
dougie93 16 hours ago
she is a amazing lady and to share with us her love of sex thank you then things you can take i am in awe
dougie93 16 hours ago
would you attempt the real thing
Straponfreak 21 hours ago
Such awesome looking toys, love everything
eddierules 1 day ago
great cheers
e28 1 day ago
brewer42 1 day ago
Amazing vid. Very sexy and dirty at the same time.
Gape_the_Ass 1 day ago
She is perfect, i Love her
grandjacking 1 day ago
What an ass on this bitch
anal31 1 day ago
ariuS 2 days ago
she's ready for a black horse or a dane
proes 2 days ago
what a nice anal lover
Gflx 2 days ago
I just love her tunnel butt plug. Gotta have one!
fortycal 2 days ago
franckx123 2 days ago
Your video is awesome
Juan_Gomez 2 days ago
Love Her ♡♡♡
SirMatt71 2 days ago
Amazing lady!!
jgonzales0414 2 days ago
She is beautiful
coucouboy 2 days ago
you can be an actrice porn
coucouboy 2 days ago
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milkshake83 3 days ago
She is awesome
zambit1988 3 days ago
Damn she came out her ass though
tutje 3 days ago
Lovely lip-spreader !!
strolchy 3 days ago
damn hot
curiouswet_uk 3 days ago
stunning! thank you
Nous2coquins 3 days ago
So exciting...
woody747 3 days ago
Abigail this latest video is simply amazing you are without question devine
Thank you