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Hubby has his willing wife get pregnant by strangers

Added by Wolfman1982 8 years ago
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bustnut 6 days ago
Straight to my faves and also bookmarked for later abuse of my cock over and over...
christi901 6 months ago
Another one that I just watch over and over again
leffog 8 months ago
Tejura 10 months ago
♡●♡ one by one men entered. Hot.
firball5 1 year ago
It would be nice to have a slut wife who would consent to something like this. This woman obviously enjoyed it, the men enjoyed her and I enjoyed the video. What more needs to be said.
mic7t8 1 year ago
I did'nt realise the porn police patrolled this site. Who are you to judge on a porn site what people do or choose to call their video? What made you watch it in 1st place as the title says it all? Also how do we know the woman is not on the pill, got a coil or been steralised? Just cos women love a creampie does'nt mean she will get pregnant, peopl use their imagination.
Ps, I fucking loved it, well used, lucky hubby.
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debbydo 1 year ago
i counted 26 cocks entering her ,, at least 1/2 of them blew thier loads into her pussy , lots of them pushed the cum from the outside back into her , in a few months she will have a nice big belly , mmmmmmmmmm
fothobel 1 year ago
dies sieht nach Familienfeier aus
VirginMaleUK 1 year ago
I did wonder how long it was going to take for one of the guys to bust his nuts inside her and not pull out and waste it. If it had been me fucking her she would have had several loads in her......
BigEssexGurl 1 year ago
So you're moralizing on a porn site. How ironic...
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john2006and 1 year ago
a concept I like!
Intersection22 1 year ago
Sperm can stay alive out of the body up to 8? hours? so the cum they pushed into her was as good as the stuff they left in her! Love it!
They all wanted her to have a baby! Most sexy I thing I ever saw.
Intersection22 1 year ago
Everyone pushed their load into her - hoping it was theirs? Was husband unable to give her a baby?
AminNotor 1 year ago
Everyone is going to die, why we are on earth ? To breed pussies ! Africans, Americans, Asians, Europeans, Others, we all LOVE SEX !
Men's have a magic stick to get all girls pregnant again and again, let's do it before it's too late ! Breed them all ! Enjoy and never stop :P
wizardtongue 2 years ago
Oh my and yummy! I could cum in her many times.
mxgodfrey 2 years ago
She's a disgusting pig I wanna shoot a load in.
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gizzle28 2 years ago
great vid very hot
outdoorsguy 2 years ago
This lady is so hot. Hope she is married, if not I'd marry her. Great video.
ipregnator 2 years ago
might find it beter to put your cock up her cunt and unload your bollocks up her
Tigga09 2 years ago
Sooo envious of her....great vid.
VirginMaleUK 2 years ago
Shame that some of the guys pulled out and one even had a condom on....I'd have done her properly!!!
tylmeran 2 years ago
What a lucky husband she must have. To find all those men ready to helpimpregnate his wife.
swing_45 3 years ago
great, I loved it
malbear 3 years ago
without a doubt one of the hottest videos on here. super hot.
jamesc1979 3 years ago
Would love to watch my girlfriend getting fucked like this. Email me if this is something you're into. Never done it before and she's going to take some persuading but let me know if you're interested and what you like to do. Cumming inside a must! She's 33, blonde and very fit. Email me!
POED 3 years ago
Totally dedicated and sebsual , that loved what she did and will never forget that , bet she masterbates to it still to this day , I know I will many times , WOWIEEEEEE
Doc70222 3 years ago
Great session of breeding...three loads in her cunt should fill her up nice. The bulls are having a wonderful time today...she loves to be filled.
jaythrillz 3 years ago
One of the first vids I found on the net way back when..
abicd 3 years ago
what aload of limp dicked crap tacky porn
gangbangloverabc 4 years ago
This is quite possibly the hottest video I have ever seen - Does anyone know if there is more of her or her friend?
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