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I fucked this horny Asian Wife while her husband is at work

Added by 5 years ago
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hanginee 4 months ago
She is really good wife.
BatangPanjang 1 year ago
Man, she really need a man's cock inside her itching cunt. While the husband was working hard at the office, she too was busy at home working hard on other man's cock. I bet if I were in the neighborhood I too could have been one of those lucky men.
Fyr 1 year ago
she is wonderful
nuggets 1 year ago
damn she really was horny as hell
safetyrazor 1 year ago
koa2000 2 years ago
Awesome video
JoeyB 2 years ago
ok now that's cool
orian999 2 years ago
so much passionate she really wanted to fuck the dude
randymanrandy 2 years ago
I love fucking other guys wives. My wife never finds out.
sandlicker 2 years ago
I lost count how many times my wife has fucked other men while I was away. She always tells me when it happens,
sandlicker 2 years ago
I lost count long ago of how many men have fucked my wife while I was away. She always tells me in great detail about her encounters, even how much cum they filled her with. The REALLY good ones she invites back so I can watch.
phuccer 3 years ago
she reminds me of that chick from avatar that was riding the dragon ...she has great riding skills
phuccer 3 years ago
well I would love to be the one to fuck her while you watch..i like Asian women
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fatboy1718 3 years ago
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fatboy1718 3 years ago
LOVE to KNOW my WIFE was GETTING FUCKED while I was at WORK ;)
irokichigai 3 years ago
Yeah. This ones real.
ThaiXwife 3 years ago
most Asian wives are always open to xtra cock on the side
LLcoolJ 3 years ago
oldbrian1961 4 years ago
I believe this she was fucking him. This was very hot. sexy, hairy lady who needed her pussy filled with hot cum. I wish that had been me getting ridden by her. Thanks for posting.
sparkypants 4 years ago
silkyone 4 years ago
bucksfizz 4 years ago
real sex
ThaiAirHostess 4 years ago
I like this because you could tell she needed it.
thumpusnow 4 years ago
awsome ending!
sweethrnybobby 4 years ago
Mature Asian wives are so hot in bed!.......
Severance 5 years ago
leaper 5 years ago
Great post!
shayxie 5 years ago
I would do just about anything to see my young hot chinese wife enjoying her tight ass while grinding her starved pussy. she is very open minded just needs an ice breakerto fuck while I watch it on video fullfilling my biggest fantasy.
Ibjorker 5 years ago
Love this, thanks for posting!
Asian_stuffer 5 years ago
Damn she can fuck. Wait thats my wife. lol
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