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pearbbwlover 1 year ago
Ssbbw lovers, I think her name is rumpshaker. I think I remember her from a site called
arthsand 1 year ago
Damn...whats her name...?!
bigz89 2 years ago
So big and beautiful!
flugerl 2 years ago
She´s one of my no. 1 girls!!
artessnow 3 years ago
She is fuckin huge but she sounds like a sexy sweetheart. I would fuck her but I bet u her pussy would smell strong.
Kingsgard 3 years ago
ecxellent...a dream
sanker219 3 years ago
YOU got THAT right! I'm not ashamwed though (smile). Thats MY kind of gal (smile)
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36363636p 4 years ago
only thing wit them is they pussy stink in the am'' it u kill it right'' in the am the go pisss it sounds like hoes hit the tolit'
natur5 5 years ago
wooow...that`s a lady...
Al3xand3r 5 years ago
ka-blammmm!!! she baaaddd
kazokuassassin 5 years ago
she sexy ass hell and all who say other wise are haters
likembigg 5 years ago
aug-ga-guy 5 years ago
SMT-bbw (Several Metric Tons)
ivanjackinoff 5 years ago
Wish she was covered in oil Ummm
jungle_fever19 5 years ago
I love the big girls like this
arthsand 5 years ago
True LeDiva...!Very HOT and sexy BIGG girl...awesome huge wide ass...and big thighs..whats her name? Mmmoooore...
LeDiva127 5 years ago
Dammit! It's titled "SSBBW" so y'all knew she wasn't a thin chick before you clicked play - duh! All the haters in the comments are weak & scared to admit they want some fat pussy - guess that's why they stuck on xh jerking off to the BBW porn FOH!

Thank u for posting :)
escalade50 5 years ago
OMG She is awesome she sure knows how to make a cock get stiff
EgyptianLuva 5 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving
thicknhard80 5 years ago
tgp95 5 years ago
look at that!! didnt even know they made panties that big!!
ijackoffalot 5 years ago
herectxxxv 5 years ago
wooooowwww!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!! She is wonderful!!!!! Love her!!!
chocolate48 5 years ago
WoW! very sexy woman! would love to see some more videos of her!
The_Pariah 5 years ago
Wow Loved it but why loop?
demon_run 5 years ago
i'd so do her
MacWolfe 5 years ago
Love the size of her ass. SSBBWs are very sexy. If its not your thing, don't watch.
jvj 5 years ago
she's very sexy
FrkyTdyBr 5 years ago
Damn she's hot
Jasper50 5 years ago
I'd love to get stuck into her
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