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small penis humiliation

Added by 5 years ago
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Subcuckhubby 1 month ago
Google cuckold shannon
in reply to dsniper (Show the comment)
Subcuckhubby 1 month ago
I love Shannon
bigdawghung73 7 months ago
she is so good
alamoman373 8 months ago
I have loved being humiliate in public ever since the first time I tried to have sex with a girl my age. The next day she told everyone that my dick wasn't even an inch long when I was hard and looked like a stubby number 2 pencil so everyone at lunch could hear her. The whole room exploded in laughter and I was never given another date from any other girl from that school.
tiny223 8 months ago
great :)
sph_plz 9 months ago
Rupert_Perks 9 months ago
Damn, that pussy looks tight as fuck. I'll be a good little boy if I can come over and play!
capata 1 year ago
a mi me pasa lo mismo
dsniper 1 year ago
could somebody private message me her name, or their alias, I would like to see more of her.
Bigger than mine
pipeliner4life 1 year ago
Yea send her my wah
in reply to rousseau55 (Show the comment)
rousseau55 1 year ago
my dick is about the same size. Should i let my gf fuck some big dicks? i know she actually likes huge cocks:)
turgo1903 1 year ago
loved it
koka1234 1 year ago
CheshireLad87 1 year ago
I love being humiliated like this, it's so hot!
CumonCare 1 year ago
Where do we find more of her
vmi3301 1 year ago
I kinda want to be her
klammer 1 year ago
Feeling shame is always humiliating, she knows how to play about it..
aroundabouts 1 year ago
She's great.
ancho-5 2 years ago
i love this video and she!!!!!!! pleace shes name
sarah38dd 2 years ago
she does several times
in reply to devilspy (Show the comment)
sarah38dd 2 years ago
in reply to Coolrigs33 (Show the comment)
Coolrigs33 2 years ago
What's here name
tinydicl124 2 years ago
thats still bigger than mine.... :)
in reply to Harley93 (Show the comment)
lilpathetic 2 years ago
She is so sexy ! Makes my lil thing ache for her
devilspy 2 years ago
LOL, what a cute little clit. She needs to put that worthless thing in chastity. Milk him dry once a month in his chastity cage. Make him eat his goo drippings. Why even fuck his little pee pee. She could have studs on speed dial. LOL, that is not a creampie. Eat your own worthless sperm cuckold.
Harley93 2 years ago
Would love to stick my little 4.75 inch dick in her pussy !
Idoall 2 years ago
Next to me his cock is a monster.
Tigermangrowl 2 years ago
They are a great team!
matebilic 2 years ago
she is a pig! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy!
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