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Exploring mutual masturbation with my friend
After my experience with Guy when he helped me to masturbate for the first time I couldn't think of anything else. After not touching myself for 18 years I started to wank at least twice every night. ...
Jenna from the club ch 2
We sat at a booth that faced the DJ booth on the other side of the dance floor. The girls were chatting away about the latest episode of Big b*****r. I didn't watch it so it made me feel a little out ...
Jenna from the club
I never imagined myself being as outgoing as I was last Friday night. In fact, many will tell you that I lead a rather dull life. Oh, I have friends, lots of them. But when we hang out I am usually th...
Episode 64: Goldilocks and Postman Pat
This episode continues from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
The Three Bears must be out playing in the forest, because they don't appear in this story.
So there is no opport...
First bi
first about me 44 northeast of england now happly married this happened about 15 years ago when i lived alone
the internet wasnt so advanced as it is now so after hours in chat rooms being approached...
Vacation Suprises
My wife, Lisa and I had been married for 10 years we were both 21 when we were married. Lisa was an absolute sexy woman at 5'6'' 120 pounds with 34c boobs and long tan legs, men would always check her...
The Ski Weekend (Part3)
It was lunch time and Nicole and her friend Vanessa made sandwiches and Lisa came back with Vanessa's daughter Ashley.
"Oh, this is my step daughter Ashley" Vanessa said introducing us.
"Hi glad...
The Dominant Widow and her Young Neighbor
The Dominant Widow and her Young Neighbor
By billy69boy
I had known full well that marrying an older gentleman was a risky proposition. It opened me to the distinct possibility that I woul...
Mates wife
Hi this is a true story at the time I was about 34 six-foot tall fairly fit fora while now I had been having sex with my mates wife it happened one saterday night when they approached me over a coffee...
always wanted to
I had never done anything even remotely sexual with another man, but for years and years my jack off fantasies had all been about sucking a dick - all sorts of situations, but they all ended with me t...
Wife Becomes a Mistress
My full name is Simran Kaur Ahluwalia. I am a house-wife from India, aged 31. I live with my husband Balwinder Singh Ahluwalia, in a four bed-room apartment in one of India's largest cities - Mumbai. ...
New Cock for Wife
My wife Jen had just turned 53, and we had been married for almost twenty five years. We are your typical middle class f****y with k**s off to college. Over the last few years we had talked about shar...
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