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the first time
When I was younger there was a local toilet that was notorious for cruising. I went in there innocently for a piss when I was in the park playing with friends. I was taking a piss and was reading the ...
Daddy Loved me part one
I was 11 tall for my age but very slim and long hair like my mother. Mum and dad had a blazing row she slept in my room told me to sl**p with dad. In the night I felt him spooning me whisperig mums na...
How I seduced and fucked Mrs Welder, an old retire
Mrs Welders was a petite lady with grey hair and glasses. We used to be teacher colleagues, before her retirement a couple of years ago, We kept in touch because Mrs Welder continued working as a sub...
Dirty Santa's girl Elf
By SaraOz

I was at home about a month before Christmas when one of my b*****r's friends dropped in to ask me if I would like a part time job for the holidays. I was thinking some extra money f...
Sophie Goes Camping
Sophie and I enjoyed a variety of wild sexual activities. This is the story about how we fulfilled her fantasy of being naked and used while out camping. We had talked about the scene and worked out j...
Matureamateur's Intimate Sex Interview
Sex Interview Completed by Mya (Matureamateur)
Q: What attracts you to a guy?
A: Well presented, confident in themselves, sexy (obviously) and easy going
Q: Do you a preferred age group?
A: N...
Awakening My Trans Nature, My Eigth Experience
I got the message to meet Elise at the top floor of an art department on campus one early evening. The corridors were empty and the lights out except for a meeting room with blinds over the windows a...
Slut: New to the scene. Part 1
Slut: New to the scene. Part 1
After 8 long weeks working on a construction site in the middle of the desert, I needed some time to relax and recharge my batteries. With four whole weeks to recuper...
Walk In The Woods
Peter was out for his normal amble through the local woods. They were always quiet and he would spend the time thinking and relaxing in the fresh air. The only path was short and barely entered the wo...
My 28th Birthday.
It seemed I had wasted much of my 20s, lost, moving, trying to find myself, etc., and had not been laid nearly enough. Now that I had hit 30, the action was picking up. My friends did me the favour of...
Doing Diana
~This was originally written over a year ago. It's rather short and quite a bit different from how I write now. Deepening on how this goes, I may write or post more in the future.~
“Hey, I need to...
Turning my shy wife into a slut Part 2
As I wrote in Part 1 of this story, Julia had some long legs that were ready to for a lot of fucking action.
Julia was a beauty and she knew it, her body was very proportionate and had a great ass. S...
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