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Jean: Total Exhibitionist Slut. The Debauchery Eve
This follows on from parts 1- 4 of Jean: Total Exhibitionist Slut
The Debauchery event.
Dave came home from work late afternoon, just as I was stepping out of the shower. I’d ensured that below...
pool lust
Here I was naked lying in the hot sun, my body covered in coconut scented sun cream and I was loving it. I had been here 2 days and not a soul had I seen.It was fantastic the peace and quite after al...
Dinner At Enrique's
My parents still don’t know that I’ve dropped out of college. They have really high expectations for me. They want me to get a job and pay my own rent, you know things like that. I guess they are read...
The First Time
The lake was crystal clear and as still as the land, no ripples to be seen in all directions; and as I ran along its outer bank edge I continued watching the tranquility it sent out in all of its dire...
lust for her abs - female martial artist
It had been about 3 years since I fucked that amazing female bodybuilder. Although she lost interest in me shortly thereafter (started dating some bodybuilder dude to my understanding), my fetish for...
using my slut
We I finally got to spend some time with my friend. I agreed to let him pick me up after he had gotten a hotel room for 2 nights. He picked me up at my house and my father let him in and told him I w...
It Only takes One Time Blacken
Bob Purdy was the office manager at our firm, not an attorney. He's maybe 50, pleasant, and not much to look at, the kind of guy who's just hanging around in the background. Non-descript. Part of the ...
A Friend In Need (MF, wife-sharing, preg)
This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights re...
Taste Your Treat Creampie
I never thought I would ever be telling anyone about a situation like this, let alone writing about it, but I have to get these strange new feelings off my chest. My name is Gary and I've been married...
the tax adviser
I married my wife Gina when we both were in our fifties. Before we both had other partners and lived, as we thought, in a more or less happy relationship.
Gina was running a shop and was already divo...
Caught by the UPS delivery man!
This story begins on a cool spring morning. I decided to go out and lay by the pool. My boyfriend was still sl**ping. I was enjoying the morning when he came outside to see what I was doing. He...
MCU: The Mentorship

Skye still thought SHIELD was the jackbooted fist of a despotic international hegemony, but they gave great hours. After two nonstop, tou...
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