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Free Sex Stories #2

Playing With Christine
After the bachelor party, all I could think about was when the next party would be. I found something that I love and could do for fun. I didn't have to separate myself from it like I did for work. Ev...
Rough treatment for my very 1st cock experience
I had been curious about transexual girls since i had first seen one in a video at aged thirteen. As a young lad and man I had no shortage of girlfriends but had fantasised about sucking a cock since ...
My Mom
It was all so easy when I was a k**. I am Gerard Thibodaux. Dad had a great job and Mom could stay home as a homemaker. Life was great. Then it all fell apart when I turned thirteen. Dad had a...
Ass Fuckin' Fun!
here's my reply to a message i recieved:
q: does my ol man mind?
a: lol i'm lucky if he does what i ask - and he rarely, if ever, responds
to a command!
Butt, I'm guessing you're asking if he mind...
Destroyed: The "Legal" Version
Friday, Jan.5, I was getting ready for a Girls' Night Out with three of my friends from the hospital when Mark, my neighbor Amanda's son, called me on the phone. "Get over here. Now." he said tersely....
Birthday Blowjob
My boyfriend is so freaking good to me. He cooks, he cleans, and his talented tongue makes me cum almost daily. But early on in our relationship, I was pretty unsure about letting him cum on my face. ...
My son's erection, a mother's Love.
They stared as I walked down the isle and took my seat, my short dress and dark shade of stockings were what caught their attention, 'Boys will be men', I thought I as I adjusted my body into a more r...
An afternoon affair
My wife Misty had been out. Showing properties. And running errands for her mother. When she returned back to the office. To descover mom in a intense and stressful meeting. With a rival company. Whic...
How I met Diana
Diana slowly got out of bed, covering her naked body with a pink lilac silk dressing gown.
'Don't go,' I murmured, touching her back through the silk.
She turned to face me, her hair tousled f...
Camp can do
by Williacj
my female friend Nicole invited me up north one weekend, she made reservations on Friday and we drove up to Mystic Lake and we pitched a tent up on a hill overlooking the river. Nicole ...
Adventures of Teddy: The Beginnings
These stories are fiction and just based on fantasies and other adult activities, enjoy!
Hello to all, my name is Teddy. My life has been filled with so many exciting moments and experiences i would...
3 Cousins
3 Cousins
I was rather young when my family and I went to a birthday party at my grandma’s house. All of my cousins on that side of the family are girls, and most of them are extremely attrac...
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