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Alone with Melissa D PART 4 (Final)

The anger I was feeling was so intense no one knew what I was feeling. What was is it exactly? Was it anger or was it regret? I was angry that Morgan had continued to fuck John, but I was regretting the fact that I had done the same with Melissa. Regardless of the fact I knew Morgan was showing no signs of either. It was clear she knew I was on to her little game. I had began sl**ping on the couch, I couldnt sl**p in the same bed as her anymore. I also started staying out all day so I wouldnt have to speak with her. On days I was off from work I would spend with Melissa, we would go to lunch and talk and basically screw around. She told me her and John had separated and that he had gotten him a small apartment. I told her it was only a matter of time before I did the same. This caused me one day to talk to Morgan and I told her everything that I had found out. We decided to part ways and I ended up finding me my own apartment across town. Melissa and I were having our little fun and sl**ping with one another but I had to cut off ties with Melissa for a few months to get my mind straight. Until one day she spotted me at the grocery store.
"Darren! she yelled. I was truly excited and upset at the same time. I was still in love with Melissa, but I also knew what this would bring. Those thoughts about everything that happened would start again. However, I also began thinking I would not have the same guilt that I did beforehand especially after a few months away.
"Melissa. It's been awhile." I said.
"Yeah. It has. Look Im glad I ran into you....Im sorry for everything that happened and I was wondering if maybe you would want to get together and talk about things." she asked.
"Ahh.... Yeah sure. Maybe you can come over for dinner does.. Friday night sound good." I asked
"Yeah. That's great I'll see you Friday." she said. I gave her my address and she walked away and just seeing her beautiful ass rock back and forth got me excited about Friday night.
Friday night came and I heard a knock at the door. It was Melissa and did she look amazing. Her beautiful black dress drove me nuts. She came in and we ate dinner and talked. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she emerged I knew she was leaving my apartment tonight. She was wearing one of my white t-shirts that was completely soaked and basically exposing her breasts, pink polka dotted panties and she was doing that lip biting she always gets me with. She approached me slowly and seductively.
"See Darren, you know you can't resist me. Trust me you want me just as bad as I want you." she said. I was completely speechless her approach had me motionless.
"Cat got your tongue. That's fine. You dont have to say a word." she said as she grabbed my shirt and took me to my bedroom. She began kissing me and slowly undressing me. She got to her knees and undid my pants and took them off. My cock sprung out and she gave me the most seductive grin.
"Have I missed you." she said as she began slowly licking the shaft and then the tip. She then stood up and instead of forcing me on the bed she pointed to it and I did as she asked. I laid down and she crawled towards me. She continued to blow me as I laid there so glad that I had this beautiful woman in bed with me again. Looking at her as she slowly worked up and down my cock. She then sat up turned around and inserted my cock into her pussy. I absolutely loved the reverse cowgirl position but the way Melissa did it drove me wild. The way she rode my cock while I had a great view of her glorious ass. Both of our moans made the mood even greater. Next, Melissa pulled my cock out and she stood up crawled backwards to my face and slowly lowered her delightful pussy on to my face. The emotion I felt as I began eating her out. At the same time she began sucking my cock.This was all the built up sexual frustrations we had had built up for months. I slowly was coming close to climaxing and thats when Melissa got up and walked over to the edge of the bed and bent over she turned her head around and started gesturing with her index finger for me to come over to her I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. I stood up got behind her and inserted my penis into her pussy from the back and began slowly thrusting. She began moaning, I started picking up speed until those moans got loader. I continued to thrust until i felt the urge to cum. I pulled out and Melissa got on her knees and pushed her breasts together as ejaculated all over her precious breasts. She smile as each load of cum covered her breasts. After I had finished she looked up at me and licked her lips. This sight drove me nuts. So i continued to slowly jerk myself as she continued to keep her breasts pushed together. Her seductive facial expressions made me cum for a second time. Again another load of cum covered her breasts as she smiled.
Melissa and I continued our relationship and it was one hell of a time. The sex was amazing and the love was real. And just to think that all this started with one night alone with Melissa D.
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