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Lovely Mistress Suzy
Mistress Suzy answered the door, quickly, as if she had been waiting.
She was dressed in her bathrobe, nothing exciting at first glance.
"Upstairs, my bedroom and strip" she said, I went upstairs,...
Milwaukee Cuckhold and her disabled husband
I had been having an issue with my foot and was stuck at home for most of two months and was going stir crazy and was still looking at another month at least. Judy felt bad for me but wouldn’t leave m...
Home Care
The pain had become unbearable. My inner organs and striated muscles had continued to shrink, as they had over the past month, slowly detaching themselves from the frame of my skeleton. Until five day...
Making a slut.
I knew she was a cheating slut but had to really drive it home to her.
I'd thought about how to really do that and get her to admit it rather than just play around with it. I decided to really pu...
Cafe Society 1. - A Tale of FemDom.
"Excuse me, may I sit here please?"I looked up. Of course she could, she was lovely! The cafe was crowded and I was occupying a table for four without realising the place had filled up. I stammered my...
A Broken Man
"Hello," a woman's voice, "Hypnotherapy Associates. This is Doctor Brown. Can I Help You?"
"Yes. Hi. My Name is Amanda. I, uh, was told that you could maybe help me..."
"Oh, yes! Terri's friend,...
A Day in the Life of a Male Slave
I was kneeling at my Mistress's feet when the door entry buzzed discreetly. Well, I say my Mistress, but I did not know if she was or not. In as much as she was female and clearly in charge of me she ...
chapter 3 pony for daughter
Ellen and Ben Hudson smiled benignly at Priscilla who was wolfing down her lunch.
"Riding Beauty sure gave you an appetite, didn't it, Priscilla?" Mrs. Hudson said. She was tall, blonde, and blue-e...
Black Taxi, Black Dick, Blacked Teen!-Part 1
As you know our Teen Baby sitter Sue has a real love of cocks and her so young too! Mick my hubby small dicked cuck as seen her sneakily on a number of occasions now. peeking at her and her Black boyf...
Big Cock Bigger Orgasms for Her
My wife and I are in our late forties and had been happily married for the past twenty years. We met after college and had built a very nice life together. We are extremely open with one another, and ...
Chapter 2 pony for daughter
She stepped back, glanced down at her tits. They were soaked with pony spit and flushed pink from his nuzzling. Her plump tits felt swollen and heavy.
"Do you lick Tammy's tits, Beauty?" she asked ...
Nasty creampie sex with the ex
Rachel and I had been split up for about two years. Before the split we had a passionate relationship and a k** but had drifted apart.
Now two years on and we had both moved on and found new partner...
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