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I finally worked up the courage to meet my daddy.
It had been a while since I had heard from my daddy. Jon... his name immediately brings up a deep, guttural lust inside me that makes my cock stir. I couldn't count on both hands or feet how many time...
189 AVIS AND JOE on an outing
189 AVIS AND JOE an outing
Avis and I were out of town for a few days and we stopped off to spend the night and get a bite to eat. After dinner, we both were still a bit tense, so we d...
Wank meet success story: Alesha Dixon
The third instalment in my wank meet write up's with my wank buddy was when were decided to tribute Alesha "goddess" Dixon. For those who don't know Alesha found fame in RnB/Pop group Mis-teeq here in...
Wank meet success story: Kelly Brook
Next in my wank buddy meet instalment was when we met to do Kelly Brook, which occurred after our success over Alesha Dixon. For us doubling up on Kelly Brook was a no brainer! For the last near 20 ye...
Wank meet success story: Carmen Electra
Next in my wank buddy meet instalment was when we met to do Carmen Electra, which occurred after our success over Kelly Brook. A week after the Kelly meet my bud got in contact with me regarding poten...
more fun at the bathhouse
I went to a video room and sat on the hard bench to catch my breath and watch some porn. I reached down to finger my asshole. I had cum smeared on my upper thighs where it had leaked out of my ass....
the adventures of a bi sexual nudist prt 2
I a woke early the next day,it took me a few seconds to realise I was laying naked in the bed of the caravan.
My mind went back to yesterdays sexual antics on the beach and my cock twitched.I got up ...
It all happened so fast
Years ago, when I was still young, me and my friends where huge fans of professional wrestling and the WWE. we use to watch the shows together, drink some beer and smoke some cigarettes.
One day, ...
The Next Encounter
Instead, I stood frozen in place, Trevor's smirking face fading from view behind the hedgerows. Dave, the neighbour's grimacing face becoming clearer as he approached. He was balding on top, a ring of...
London Hotel Group Wank Meet
This one-off meet occurred about 3 years ago, where previously I had done a few meets over celebs and porn. I stumbled across the personnel's section on Craigslist looking for anything which matched m...
Wank meet success story: Holly Valance
Just wanted to share my experience of having a wank buddy, having met online to wank over celebs...
I previously had a regular wank buddy about 7 years ago which lasted for about 2 years. We met of...
Wank meet success story: Kate Garraway
Continuing on with my celeb orientated wank meet write up with my wank buddy around 5-6 years ago, we decided to do a meet over Kate Garraway. I was (still am) a huge fan of Kate and wanted to give he...
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