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Hardcore Porn Stories

My Husband And I.
I gazed at the ocean and couldn’t believe the spectacular view. The cool ocean air gently swept through my light brown hair like a soft wave. Makuo chose the right place. My heart warmed as I thought ...
Mama Stops the Hurt
You awaken in the wee hours of morning feeling groggy. You sense someone is in the bed beside you and it takes you a few long moments to realize it is your mother. Her form is slight under the covers ...
Teeny Lust for Black Dick gone too far!
We needed a baby sitter again at our house as i was going out with the girls again to find some nice dicks for the night! Sue was still looking out for her mother, so we had to ask teeny Anne-Marie.Sh...
Hog heaven

Hog Heaven
by williacj
I went to a Harley Davidson rally out in Thiensville, WI. and I spot...
The hospital orderly
About 10 years, Raymond was in the hospital for surgery on his lower abdomen. Here’s what he wrote me:
“I was in my mid thirties, in good shape and horny all the time, jerking off a couple of time...
My Awakening
I was not sure what my neighbor, Mike, was proposing. My mind was processing what he had just said, "I will give $500 to let me have sex with you." was his exact words. That was enough money to buy my...
Slut: And so it begins part one
Slut: And so it begins.
My husband has not shown much interest in me for quite some time now. He seems to prefer internet porn and sites like xHamster, especially the loving wives and exhibitionist...
The Policewoman Part 4.
DNA analysis showed that all three were attacked by the same man, but he was unknown to police, as his DNA was not on file in the system. It appeared that the cops were going to have to wait for anoth...
Be patient and it all works out....
Several years after I graduated from Indiana University and was working my first real job, I was invited up to an old school mates lake house in Canada for a big festival and my friend Laura promised ...
My Husband Cheated on Me PT 2 Gay
Several weeks had gone by since that one revealing episode in the gym. Many sl**pless nights had been spent trying to wrap my head around what I had seen. The shock of seeing my husband intimate with ...
Sexy Mother
I have a nice mother who is 43 Years old, but a widow. My mother is very young looking and has such a terrific figure that it's hard to believe she's over forty. With a figure of around 38-26-40 and a...
Touch and go

Touch and go
by williacj
I went into hi hat the same day around 4 pm just to get out of the house...
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