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Hardcore Porn Stories

Kristi's Dilemma, Part Nine - First Trick
The next week, Mike scheduled Kristi to work her first Friday night. This was her prime time debut appearance on stage, although she was fairly well known among the afternoon and weeknight customers. ...
Interviewing the Slut Wife of mine
Cheryl was sitting on the couch as I began to do an interview video of her. She wore her black shelf bra, black hose, and several loads of cum on her tits and face, plus some oozing from her cunt.
The little special pill 9
My names Geoffrey and i'm a happily married man to a beautiful woman called Mary, we've been together for over thirty five years and it's been wonderful, but over the last few years as we moved into o...
Black Man in the Grey Morning
I found this story on a site a few years ago, I do not think it was copyrighted by the original writer, and so I thought I'd share it with all the other BBC parTy freaks, sit back, fire up a joint, or...
Party Installation
Please note this is not mine, I found it online and loved the thought of it happening to myself. All credit goes to a_thing_for_rubber from fetlife.
At 37 years of age Linda was not overly pleased wi...
Peggy my wifes sister, road trip
So I got volunteered to drive with Peggy back upstate to her house to grab a few things and sort some shit out. We got up early, got a few bagels and hit the road. An hour into our 8 hour drive Peggy ...
Morning Fuck and Piss boobjob on Asian wife
[image class="blog-image align-center normal"]176490407[/image]
I really like when in the morning I grab my wife's tits and her big nipples are getting hard instantly, it means she is ready for a good...
Fuck! 2 Negro Gun Barrels for Tracy!!!
If you have been following the crazy world of big, fat, useless Tracy, my useless little cocked Hubbies step daughter, then you will realise why I am always so pissed off about that lazy fucking bitch...
Carissime ragazze, se leggerete questa storia e non avete "amanti" che ve lo chiedono, ascoltatemi: NON DEPILATEVI, soprattutto le ascelle, le braccia e la bernarda!
Lo scrivo nella speranza che qualc...
Umiliata di fronte ai miei compagni di classe e no
25 Marzo. Diario di Marzia Cabelletti.
Finalmente riesco a scrivere nuovamente sul mio diario. L’ultimo mio aggiornamento risale al 12 Marzo, il giorno prima di… di… ancora oggi ho difficoltà solo a r...
So this woman responded to my ad looking for a mature juicy white woman. She lived about a half hour away but I didn’t mind the drive. When I pulled up to the address she lived in a small duplex home....
Kristi's Dilemma, Part Seven - Hard Lesson
Tuesday’s debut went better than she could have expected. After the initial butterflies, Kristi conquered her self-doubt and worked her shift like a pro. For the next several weeks she danced Monday e...
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