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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

Black Taxi, Black Dick, Blacked Teen!-Part 1
As you know our Teen Baby sitter Sue has a real love of cocks and her so young too! Mick my hubby small dicked cuck as seen her sneakily on a number of occasions now. peeking at her and her Black boyf...
Dose of Black Cock
My husband Rick had been bugging me to fuck a black man since his buddy had got a black guy from an e****t service to screw his wife.
"No, I'm not going to let some guy I don't even know fuck me!" ...
f****y of my ex wife!
So as i had mention we had divorced for 3 years.But we remain friends with my ex and often talk.Anyway the past 2 years my ex had change and become a very closed and conservative woman and in her 50's...
WPC Stephens' Bad Day
WPC Stephens’ Bad Day
A tale of a tricked policewoman’s woes by Asmodeus_seed.
WPC Jane Stephens looked at Earl’s phone with growing unease as the video clip he was showing her became obviousl...
Wive's s****r and rest of the f****y
Today as of 22 June 2017 i got a text message and then a phone call from my ex wife s****r.
Let me take things from the start.Although being divorced 3 years i still have a friendly contact with ...
Wife,her mother and the black friend
Another afternoon,
Wife and i got the visit of her mother along with her mother's black friend.Her mother at 70 as i had mention and her black friend at 60.Had a little belly but his cock was as ...
It is All Black & White in the f****y!
Sandra heard a knock on the back door as she looked at the clock. Yes it was ten o'clock already. She knew who was at the door and what was about to happen. Her pussy grew moist. It was hard to believ...
All Blacked Out.
The wife Sue and I have just got back from holiday in Spain and she has had so much fun with the lucky lucky men, if you don't know what I mean by that they are the black men who walk round the beach ...
Wife Treated Properly by Black BULL
Tom and Lisa met Max at the casino. Max, a powerful and dominant Bull told the couple to take him to their home.
Max made Lisa sit in the backseat with him. He had a way with her that made her wa...
The Graduation
With graduation round the corners and passing by. The idea came to me. Well more like it came to me after watching my cousins graduation and wanting a party...but no group sex. Just a normal hig...
Judy Gives Into Her Desires. #1
Judy Gives Into Her Desires. #1
After living together for almost two years Judy and I decided to get married. To describe Judy she was like a dream come true. Five foot two, one-hundred and ten p...
A Cuckold Husband Tries 2 Explain
(This is yet another conversation/interview with "Gerald", a cuckolded husband for 8 years. In this interview I try and explore the deeper aspects, the psychological aspects, of what drove him to pers...
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