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Milwaukee Cuckhold and her disabled husband
I had been having an issue with my foot and was stuck at home for most of two months and was going stir crazy and was still looking at another month at least. Judy felt bad for me but wouldn’t leave m...
Sweet Revenge ( Chapter 7 )
Aren't you going to do my legs too?" She asked.
Once again I poured a rather generous helping of lotion and began to rub it up and down and finally on the inside of her thighs. Obviously she'd been...
Two city girls visit the country (2)
When Tessa and I got back to our room later that evening – or technically, earlier the next morning - we were both exhausted from our hot work-out with Tony.
“Oh, girl, I am so bushed,” I said. “B...
Sweet Revenge ( Chapter 5 )
Bye Silvia." And then I quickly hung up before anything else could be thought of or said to cause suspicion to our conversation.
My second call was to Cindy informing her that Silvia had taken the ...
Judy Gives Into Her Desires. #1
Judy Gives Into Her Desires. #1
After living together for almost two years Judy and I decided to get married. To describe Judy she was like a dream come true. Five foot two, one-hundred and ten p...
Chastity and humiliation
He didn’t hear us, as we arrived home. Didn’t hear the door close. Didn’t hear the floorboard creak, as we walked along the hall. He was immersed in his own little world, a world of his fantasy. His f...
Sweet Revenge ( Chapter 3 )
It had been a while since I'd seen that wild-eyed expression on my wife's face. And I realized just how much I had missed seeing it.
"I think we're being poor hosts here." Shelly suddenly announced...
Vampires Slave (3 YEARS LATER)
How it all began
"Sylvia and Danny were neighbors. Danny lived next door to Sylvia with his parents and went to the local college. For the past six months Danny had known that his strange, beautifu...
An Unexpected Threesome
An Unexpected Threesome
At the Matthews’ apartment Topanga was with Riley and Maya for the weekend. Cory and Auggie were away. Topanga was watching TV until she heard some moans comin...
Milwaukee Cuckhold before the Cuckhold
After we were married we were always horny. Judy knew I loved to see her play with herself and do whatever she could so I could watch her come. She had filled me in on some of the kinky things she had...
Threesome with Rania and Elsa
So here's how I want my fantasy to play out...
My name was Gary and I'm fifty-two years old. I'm 6'-0"" with blonde hair, blue eyes, and blonde pubic hair over my seven-inch cock. I'm married to fift...
Totally Chesty - Chapter 04
Chapter 04 – Grand Openings
“What the hell are you doing? You are looking at the time to the window! It’s still 4PM!”
“Sorry, but I am too nervous to do anything else than waiting!”
Thank you