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Mature Porn Stories

Caught Mom Giving Stranger Blow Job
Coming back from the pub after last orders one night, I heard the groans of a courting couple down the ally on our housing estate. I took a quick look and was totally dumbstruck when I saw it was my m...
They call me the bushman. Why? Because I love a big full bush on a woman,especially when it has been fucked well and the bush is all soaked with cum. It all started for me when I was little and stayed...
30yrs. nothing changes
Over 30 yrs ago I used to lay pipe to a select few ladies that I knew for sure was clean, as these women wanted to verify lab test results of mine which they reciprocated with their test results.
Soft Cell--MSP
I was attending a trade show in Minneapolis a few summers ago. I was able to escape the multi-day event to attend a concert at the Target Center. One of the benefits of traveling alone is that sports ...
f****y of my ex wife!
So as i had mention we had divorced for 3 years.But we remain friends with my ex and often talk.Anyway the past 2 years my ex had change and become a very closed and conservative woman and in her 50's...
At Tim and Rebbeccas II
After my shower I went to the kitchen where Rebbecca was fixed burgers. She said sit and eat. Tim came out and we ate without talking. After cleaning up Rebbecca said we don't have an extra room, wher...
Sex with my mother's b*****r's wife: Doi
I began staying at my aunt and uncle's house when living with my parents and siblings became overwhelming during my college years. I wanted freedom but had no money to attend the state university or t...
My Best Friend’s Mother
Trying to sl**p, I tossed and turned in the guest room of Todd’s house. He was my best friend, and I was staying over for the week as my parents had to head out of town because my uncle had a heart at...
Wedding Day Screws
Nicole had such a stunning body. She had blue eyes, long dark hair, and very toned. Nicole looked amazing for 36. Hell, she looked 26, I bet she still gets carded today. In any event, She was 36, and ...
Sex with mom
Marie sat across from Hope sharing tea, spiced with a little rum. It was loosening the tongues of both women and inner feelings were surfacing
"Bill's back is in really bad shape." Marie sai...
A Woman in Need
Husband is not at home and Cyndi needs a cock!
Tuesday morning. It was raining out, the house was empty, and I was
horny! My husband Jimmy left for work early, and I was alone. Showering,
I was i...
Cuckold son
I got up as usual this morning, with having breakfast and taking a shower afterwards. It was 9am and i was getting ready to pack my things for school and to just take the day off as it was saturday, m...
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