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Mature Porn Stories

My blond Mom
Doug is 18 years old, pretty average build, although a bit built from running track in High School. His mom had divorced his father when he was very young so he never really got to know him. She's 39 ...
Kristi's Dilemma, Part Eight - Me? A whore?
“Then he showed me those rooms in the back, down the hallway to the left of the bar. I had no idea! Why didn’t you tell me?” Amy looked hard a Kristi. “Would you have gone to the club to begin with if...
Blackmailed by Local local boys
Our anniversary was coming up this weekend. It would be our
fifth wedding anniversary. I married Michelle when she was 17 and
I was 21. I had a really great job whe...
20 Years of Infidelity Part 5
'Ah, shit!' I was thinking while trying to carry on an intelligent conversation with the travel agent. I had to really grit my teeth and even bite my hand at times not to moan and gasp while Jason kne...
Early Years
As most young men and woman as growing up you might hear your parents having sex down the hall. Well I am no exception to this, I can remember several times I had heard them and yes like every young b...
Spiking the Mug
It's a sweltering 103 degrees today, Anyone who's anyone are finding ways to avoid the intense heat, Amungst the many people whom are involved, Muggsy like the rest, Hides inside and turns the AC up f...
Umiliata di fronte ai miei compagni di classe e no
25 Marzo. Diario di Marzia Cabelletti.
Finalmente riesco a scrivere nuovamente sul mio diario. L’ultimo mio aggiornamento risale al 12 Marzo, il giorno prima di… di… ancora oggi ho difficoltà solo a r...
So this woman responded to my ad looking for a mature juicy white woman. She lived about a half hour away but I didn’t mind the drive. When I pulled up to the address she lived in a small duplex home....
meine Kreuzfahrt mit der Schwiegertochter
Endlich in Rente, mein Job hat alles von mir gefordert und nun geht es in den Ruhestand. Ich bin 62 Jahre alt und bin glücklich endlich nicht mehr im Hamsterrad mitrennen zu müssen. Meine Frau und ich...
Mein bisheriges Leben
Es ist sehr merkwürdig, seit dem ich 17 Jahre alt bin, gehe ich mit meinem Geschlecht anders um als ich es biologisch wirklich bin. Das macht sich wie folgt bemerkbar! Noch weit vor dem siebzehnten Le...
Trucker Cock
After closing the flimsy plywood 'door' behind me, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dimness. The monitor on the wall in front of me flickered into life as the video I'd selected out ...
A Life...Part III (Liz's Thoughts)
After the lewd conversation had taken place between Liz and her niece, Liz left the house to take a walk in the woods to see if she could walk off her randiness. Before she set off she went up stairs,...
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