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My Wife's "Free Pass" Part II
.......Life after the "Free Pass"
The next few weeks after our hot night with Rick were quiet and reserved, where he was concerned. He was busy practicing in his studio and had meetings with other mu...
my first real boyfriend
N. was different from the boys I have had before. I met him at a student dancing party in Rose Hill. There was this popular Night club that was organising Students parties during the Day – Blue Maurit...
Let me tell you the story of how my worst day become a dream come true. My name is Professor Jackson I use to be an English teacher at Harvard but got fired because of an obvious misunderstanding. Mrs...
L'histoire de Paul
Histoire de Paul
Je m’ennuyais ferme chez ma grand-mère. Elle vivait dans un hameau au fin fond de la campagne et les seules personnes que je voyais en dehors d’elle était l’épicier et le boucher qui...
Brother-In-Law Made Me A Porn Star
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Long hair beauty
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Un dimanche matin
Dimanche matin
Après une nuit inoubliable à chercher le summum, le plaisir sans fin, la jouissance éternelle, le bonheur incommensurable de deux âmes qui s’adorent qui ne veulent plus faire qu’une, q...
Fucking my maid when Parents were out of town
Hey you horny bastards this is a story of me fucking my maid when my parents were out of town. so before we start this incident occured when i was 19 and i believe my maid was 21ish. so it was the beg...
Histoire de Lucas
Je l’avais repérée en passant aux caisses de la supérette. Elle était à la caisse d’à-côté et je suis revenue l’après-midi pour acheter une broutille, juste pour la plaisir de lui adresser la parole. ...
Expanding my oral horizons
After my extensive practice with G. I considered myself already a fellatio virtuoso… however I had done that with only one guy…and I wanted to see if I could apply my techniques to other guys as well…...
Some years ago, when I was working in a town far away from my native place, I had to stay in a house of one of my distant relatives. He had two sons and two daughters all living in a rented house whic...
A Fuck Is Just A Fuck
Fbailey story
I was listening at my sixteen-year-old sister’s door, it was partially open, and Heather was on the phone with one of her girlfriends.
She said, “Yes, I let Dave fuck me. No, he ...
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