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Daisy The Dumb Farmer Girl
Daisy was a 18 year old sweet ol' farmer's daughter who helped her father tend the farm and the a****ls in their big barn, just outside of the city. The girl had blonde hair and emerald eyes. She was...
Actual Happy Ending
The asian woman great great massages so I went back. She said I'm handsome, and loved my cock. She had a hard time communicating so I took a phone card, and wrote my number on it. The next day she tex...
The beginning
This is the beginning of my story, half fact half fantasy to be continued I’d been travelling around Europe for years and I’d finally returned home to Sydney after 13 years. Having had a life of...
A Bad Day Turned Great
Note: Not originally my story. However the premise of it did create this fantasy: One day, I had really bad day, I got stuck in traffic and was late to work, the boss was giving me a hard time about...
Begging for a Bukkake!
I'd been bombarding my fellow students inbox for days, we were at war... It all started when my best friend found out I was a total sissy whore... Raj is like me a typical Indian, he loves to fuck....
The School Uniform.
"Come on,lets do it,it would be a laugh!", she said,getting excited at the very thought. He was more hesitant,it didn't seem right,it had been along time since they were at school playing those silly...
The Book of Lot (as told in Genesis 19:23-38)
There was an old man named Lot from the city of Segor and at one time he was a good friend with a Great man named Abraham. He was afraid for his last two daughters welfare, for the actions he took thr...
Fucked my Teacher
When I was at college we had a really enthusiastic teacher called Ms Johnson, she was a hot tall woman in her mid thirties, with short brunette hair and slim fit body which she often showed off wearin...
Email from a spammer
I don't need money, any help. I can not meet on the street for this. My name is Sophia. And as you can see in the photo, I'm not 21. I work a lot, and I don’t have time for my personal life now. I nee...
My Wife’s First Other Man
My wife is fine but not as active as she was before. I remember how she had another man for the first time but...
My Birthday Wish Fulfilled By My Wife
My wife is in her 26th year. She is fair and tall. She had one of the best boobies you will ever see and the roundest of ass y...
Sharing My Hot Girlfriend With Watchman
On our third date, I was hoping to finally get to sleep with her. We were sitting at a bar, drinking and talking when I saw almos...
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