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Milk And Honey: The Last Laugh
Three days after Vicki's discovery of Hank's private collection of home movies, and her own folks supplying the motivation, the time was right to put an end to their charade. Payback was on her mind,...
The Babysitter P5
It had been over a week since our last night out, when my wife, Kate, said "Francine and Harry have invited us over for dinner tomorrow, do we want to go?" "Sure!" I replied smiling, knowing it meant...
Let me tell a somewhat old to present OBSESSION about a certain GIF that was an AD That lead to a VIDEO that lead To another VIDEO and More than 5 years Worth of sticky hot ROPES of CUM and CUM and CU...
Little Red Riding Hood & Mr. Wolfe
Red put on her red jacket, pulling the hood over her head, and walked onto the forest trail to bring a basket of jams to her grandmother. It was a beautiful day today, she could have gotten away wit...
Hotel Paradise.
I arrived at the Hotel Paradise on a warm summer morning, the place was well known as one of the best resorts in town and I had an interview here, to hopefully get a job. After strolling in the front...
Free blowjobs.
You know how you get to talking when your all luvvy duvvy , before we get married etc , and you think its a good idea to tell each other of your past lovers just so your both honest and open with each...
How i got to know more about kenyan escorts top we
“Nairobi escort services? What’s that?” hollers the agitated barmaid as she places her tray of empty bottles on the bar counter and fishes out her order list for the next round. “Ati nini madam?” ask...
Tales of Lotus Island Tabby Cat
My name is Robert Penn and my job is to design and install computer data centres as a consultant. I had recently come back from a very interesting job in a place called Lotus island. Interesting not o...
Clever And Insightful Quotes About SEX!
"So I'm licking jelly off my boyfriend and all of a sudden, I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, I'm turning into my mother.'" --Sarah Silver...
Patton Oswalt 1,
So I and my new beautiful Emily, are in the midst of a long flight, from LaGuardia to LAX, and we begin to have the most free spirited, enthusiastic, freakitty- fRESH- Freak nasty ass conversation. Em...
Up Her Nose
A few days ago my wife was whacking me off. When I was getting close, i asked her if I could "jizz on her boobs", something I had done often when we were dating, but rarely after we got married. She t...
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