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the last time my dick was inside a pussy..
the last time my dick was inside a pussy..
it was a couple of weeks ago,with a girl I knew from sometimes and we had messed around in the bedroom before,but not in a long took me sometime to...
The Conference
Plane late, I enter the crowded conference room flustered, you catch my eye, guide me over to the lectern, I set up my computer, you gesture for me to begin.
After a fumbling start, I get into my str...
My 2nd time with a transexual Escort
It had been a year since Isabella had ripped my anal virginity from me (see my rough treatment story) and life had gone on as usual. I was still in a relationship with the same girl and had continued ...
Rough treatment for my very 1st cock experience
I had been curious about transexual girls since i had first seen one in a video at aged thirteen. As a young lad and man I had no shortage of girlfriends but had fantasised about sucking a cock since ...
Kelly retruned, what a great Christmas present, pa
We sat in the tub until the water became cool. Kelly explained to me how she was k**napped, what happened to her during that time, and how she was freed. It turns out that Jack had shall we she some "...
TV adventures with Uncle Geoff
Geoff called round and said he'd like to see me in stockings and suspenders next time. I told him I didn't have any of my own, and my mum only wore tights, so I couldn't borrow any either. "Don't worr...
Fictional fantasy, #3
My classes had ended for the day and I was going to get a workout in at a gym that was close by. I had been to this gym before but since it wasn't near my house I didn't come here very often. Before h...
First time outdoors in a dress
I know there are some gorgeous TV's, CD's and TS's on here, and this story might be a bit boring to them, but for me, it was one of the greatest thrills I've had
i have been wearing panties and hold ...
I Made It Home, Finally
I Made It Home, Finally. By; Cindylynn34 01/07/18
Transgender, young/old, Mexican dick, mind control, love, humor.
This story may rock you. It may shock you. And if it makes you spew off a nice cream...
Karen My School Teacher 10
I heard them talking. “Man she is fucking hot. Mmmm did you see her ass in that skirt” I felt extremely dizzy laying in Karen's bed. It was all dark in the room except the light coming from the slight...
My job brought me all around UK soI tried to find B&B's where I got some exciting sex action
One of the first was one in Brighton where a friend told me it was run by an elderly gay...
don b from work!
don b worked with me and was about 50 with a average body and average looks. what separated don b from all the other men was his great and friendly personality also it didnt hurt that don b had alot o...
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