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Taboo Porn Stories

20 Years of Infidelity Part 7
I sat up shakily with Frank's help. I swear to God my pussy had never been frigged so well by anyone. Frank handed me another cold beer and we shared it. Looking around I saw many around us grinning i...
The Unspoken Game
Bryce's and his step sister Samantha, start playing an inappropriate game. Mom catches them and things escalate.
The Unspoken Game
The driveway was empty when I pulled i...
20 Years of Infidelity Part 6
After eating, Jason and I returned to our condo but I stopped him from entering and handed him my key and a handfull of money. We needed supplies for a long hike and a longer day at an isolated beach ...
the last time my dick was inside a pussy..
the last time my dick was inside a pussy..
it was a couple of weeks ago,with a girl I knew from sometimes and we had messed around in the bedroom before,but not in a long took me sometime to...
And there was Laura. Chapter 4
Laura took to sex like a duck does to water. She had been introduced to cock and learn`t how amazing it is to have her clit stimulated. Hopefully, it would be the start of many sexual adventures for h...
It's Only Lust
Here is Chapter two
Chapter two
It’s Only Lust
I have known this lady, standing in front of me for well over thirty years. In the early years when we met for a family function our greeting w...
a private full
A Private Eye Full
by shooter3704 (C)
Chapter 1
I was watching an apartment complex. That's what I was being paid to do, I'm
a private investigator. My mission was to record the coming an...
Cynthia’s luggage shows traces of substances at airport customs and she is frisked and then taken to be bodily searched in a private room. However, the situation gets sexually charged and the two F...
My Mom or a Bitch in Heat
It is since two years I have started reading i****t stuffs. After gone through these stories I had started to observe my mom with lustful fucking stares. Ohhh! It is really unbearable to hold the feel...
My beautiful
It was a hot Monday in June when I trudged wearily home from my job. My father works away and though he sends home as much as he can, it isn't a lot. Therefore, my mom needs my money to make ends meet...
My Girl and Her Mom
I was introduced to i****t a little differently than most people. My first "i****t is best" experience was actually not i****t for me but for my girlfriend at the time. Her name was Kate and she was s...
Mommy? What do you do?
I found out two weeks ago that my mom is a whore. I don’t mean she sleeps around. I mean she does it for money with men. If they are in a motel nearby, mom gets in the car and drives there, texts when...
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