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Taboo Porn Stories

Jimmy the redneck predator
Jimmy Hemme was 40 and lived in a trailer alone, he preferred this life. He had been in a relationship with a crazy bitch for six years and was glad when she finally left but there was one thing that ...
Holiday Ride with Mom
Holiday Ride With Mom
My father had promised me a trip when I finished college. He said it was a good idea to get away from it all to give yourself a chance to reset your mind. I knew my father h...
Gone Fishing
Have you ever had one of those days where the stars must've been lined up just right and all was good in the world. The kind of day where the sun was shining just right and you were just happy to be a...
The Dream (or Nightmare)
At first awareness...Where am I?
I cannot move, though I am not restrained.
I cannot see, though I am not blindfolded.
I am laying on my back on something cold and hard...a marble or granite...
Mom helps out, s****r got courious
This happend some years ago, and it was the thrill of my life.
Living on the countryside, with my mom and little s*s named Jenny.
I was s******n when it happend, and my s*s only t*****e, an...
Fucking my cute petite classmate
hello everyone i am boy. i get always horny when i see girls private parts. in my class there is a girl looks so cute has a nice body private parts when i see her boobs and ass i can't control myself....
Hot Mom 2
Jenna cried out she was coming a total of three times grinding her sloppy pussy against my face. "Fuck me Mike." she whispered in a sexy low voice. I pulled my dripping fingers from her cunt and ass, ...
Dancing with friends younger sis on birthday
Dancing with frie...
My summer with the sluts
My summer of s****r's
My goings on in July
Master Hunter
(To clear up any confusion in the story all the below is true I have simply changed names to keep it more private. Also the people...
Friends SiS"s birthday Party and she turned 1
Dancing with friends little siis at a party as she turns 18(Will power) Coming down from a molly roll. Went over to a friends house last ni...
Daddy Loved me part one
I was 11 tall for my age but very slim and long hair like my mother. Mum and dad had a blazing row she slept in my room told me to sl**p with dad. In the night I felt him spooning me whisperig mums na...
How I seduced and fucked Mrs Welder, an old retire
Mrs Welders was a petite lady with grey hair and glasses. We used to be teacher colleagues, before her retirement a couple of years ago, We kept in touch because Mrs Welder continued working as a sub...
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