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Taboo Porn Stories #2

Amelie's Power Play
I was on a plane back home. It had been a long time since I had been home, and I wondered what it would be like. I was especially curious to see if anything would change between me and my s****r, Amel...
The Neighbor
I looked at my friend Thomas as I chewed the last bite of my hamburger. "No, I'm afraid I can't make it tomorrow," I said. "I know that Saturday is your only free day, but it'll have to be next week. ...
What To Do About Charlie l
.Charlie’s f****y moved next door to me when he was just a little boy. His parents became friends with me and my wife and over the years I watched you grow up. I I had always noticed that he wasn’t in...
Mom Stays Home Sick
When I was eighteen I still lived at home and worked. One day they gave us the day off. I had already gone to work so I returned home. I didn't expect anyone to be there because both my parents worked...
Mom's Attraction
"Fuck I need to go so bad," I said as I ran to the bathroom.
I guess this is what I get for drinking so much today. Today is my 18th birthday and my f****y threw me a party at our house to commemor...
CAUGHT IN THE ACT. Big b*****r fucking s****r. BW

You go into your moms room to grab your freshly folded laundry off the bed, and your younger s****r pops in the door behind you and qui...
Awakening My Trans Nature, My Seventh Experience
I lay on the bed in underwear tasting my own cum, there was a slight hurt where my hands had been bound to the bed but nothing much. yet again there had been a quantum leap in my sexuality, the being ...
Mom Gives Son Advice
Mom Gives Son Advice
I am a divorcee. My husband left me after five years of marriage. The only thing good about the marriage is that I have a son, Tim. Now that Tim is married and lives in an ap...
Mom Opens Up
John, if your mother knew I was calling you she'd kill me; but I hate to see her this way. We've spent days talking and time after time she tells me how much she misses you and how empty she feels. Co...
I wart ny s****r
It all started when my s****r moved back into my house. Her husband left her, so her and her daughter moved into my home, with my Mom b*****r and me.
At first I was exited that she moved back in, s...
Minha primeira vez com um casal (Parte final)
Parte final)
Renata gozou feito louca em minha boca, engoli cada gotinha daquele leite quente, ela tremia e se contorcia enquanto seu marido batia uma deliciosa punhetinha, após se recuperar, Renat...
You'll never believe who sucked my cock!
So maybe three or four years ago, this documentary went out on TV all about dogging. Being still kinda naive at the time, me and one of my best mates, Brandon, were sat at his house watching it. To ex...
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