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Free Mobile Sex Stories #2

Jamal takes Ana again and again
Jamal takes Ana again and again

Next morning I awoke lying in bed next to Ana, who was still passed out.
I began caressing her body and thinking about the events the night before.
Ana had be...
Bath house gang bang
This is a true story of the time I got gang banged at a gay bath house.
This wasn't my 1st time at the club I have been there plenty of times before but I usually get my cock sucked or suck...
Rosita sexes 9 Young Studs
Rosita had been married for 20 years but she hadn't lost her figure or her apitite for sex. Her husband Del Boy on the other hand wasn't able to get it up.
Rosita & Del Boy lived in a bungalow outs...
First time Jamal took Ana
First time Jamal took Ana
After living many years in New York, the owner decided to expand the company to Savannah. The big bosses told me to get in charge of the new office and I gladly accepted.
-Lexi- chapter 03
-Lexi- chapter 03
I had just been fucked for the first time, and I was still going over it in my mind. There was nothing else to do - Dressed like a slutty schoolgirl, handcuffed, tied, bl...
Mary Ellen Jakowski sat in her kitchen with her good friend Dana Carter having their usual morning coffee. The two women had been friends since the Carters moved into the neighborhood five years ago. ...
First time giving the BBC to a Vegas Craigslist Co
A little bit of background for those who are new to my stories. The stories are all true stories of experiences I had. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty.
This particular ...
How It Started For Me
I know this may seem tame compared to many things on here, but the following is a real experience shared with my wife, and this is what started my fantasies of wife watching and cuckolding.
It was ...
The Thrill Of Just Saying It Out Loud
"Uh, god, yes," I said out loud as I stroked my cock shaft up and down; sometimes fast, and at other times very slow as I sat in front of my lap-top watching one of my favorite interracial cuckolding ...
149 A Butcher`s maid 3
149 A Butcher`s maid 3
A week past, things with Kenny had changed a little, she had returned to her home, and awaited his return; a new bravado had enriched her.
He arrived swaggered in and s...
148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.
148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.
The door opened and Sylvester came in, he looked tired, his apron bl**dy, and he accepted the tea gratefully, dumping a bag of meat and a crusty loaf on the table and sin...
73 year old grandpa from the bar
It was the summer of 2015, I was 22 years old and I would often go to the bar to meet older men. There was a very powerful grandpa that would always sit outside of the bar. He had reddish tan skin, bi...
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