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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 3)
The plan had to be executed. Steve wanted to end the frustrations, the
stop-and-go, on-again, off-again mindset that kept his father's sexual
gears shifting, changing and braking. Most of all, Stev...
Cuckold meeting Wife's Boyfriend
I will never forget meeting Kenny, my wife's boyfriend for the first time. It was about 3 months after my wif began her affair in early 1989. Back then I did not know I was a cuckold. All I knew was t...
The Anniversary Gift
It took months, but both of our dreams were coming true. It was our anniversary gift to each other: for her to be gangbanged and humiliated, and for me to see my sexy wife starring in her own porno...
Dear sissy, We are pleased to announce that applications are now invited for our new improved courses of PANTY THERAPY. We can promise that each course will be specially designed to help transform the...
Watching from The Bar - Part 2. Helens Story.
Part two, from Helens point of view.
Hi. My name is Helen. My husband, Steve, and I are taking a weekend trip in at a Beach resort...
A Crossdresser's Night in the Park
Last night I was on line in a crossdresser chat room where I was talking with Master Brian about me being a pain loving, submissive, bisexual crossdresser who was looking a master to use and abuse me....
Recollection of Rosemary Margaret and Ann's
Rosemary's Slips
I only became aware of Rosemary's slips during our last year at school.
She was tall and quite thin, not underweight, built like a long distance runner.
Quite often at...
Size doesn’t Really Matter? Blacken
This is my story; it is the story of a modest small town gal that has become a full time 24/7 slut. I have become addicted to sex, especially when big black cocks are involved, I just can’t seem to ge...
Shemale Amazon Goddess
This story is based on a dream I had about shemale porn star Meghan Chevalier around 15 years ago.
I'm sitting up in bed. There is an empty glass on the nightstand; I know that I have recent...
My hot boss
Hi to all.My story starts as I was working as a cleaner in a lawyers office.I was new to the job and quite shy so I hadn't talked to anyone yet.While I was getting on with my job I noticed a office li...
I meet the EX BF Cuckold
I came home from work early one day and saw a strange car in the driveway. This was not all that unusual, ever since my wife left work to take care of our baby she has friends over quite often, but I ...
So for a good while now my bf and I have started watching porn together.It was strange at
first but we've grown much more comfortable and we're no longer to watch what we really
want anymore.When w...
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