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Asian Bitch Pays For Her Mistake
I'm the president of a lingerie company. Theresa is one of my best managers. She's a very slender Asian girl with long, thick black hair and about 5'5. Her tits are small but perky, and her ass is a n...
Gil Comes Back For Seconds.
Gil kept calling Judy at work, wanting to get back with her. He had no idea that I knew anything about their first sexual experience. Judy called me from her work to tell me that Gil had been calling ...
Do You Believe Gil Is Really My Friend?
Judy and I had been back from our honeymoon for five months when an old friend from high school contacted me. I had not heard from Gil for at least ten years. I will describe Gil to you. He is six foo...
My first Hmong girl
Now I'll get straight to the story. I was about 21 turning 22 when I went to party in Minnesota with some of my Hmong friends who've been partying there often. We know each other from school (high sch...
My New Next Door Neighbour - by SBarak1
My New Next Door Neighbour – a story by SBarak1
I had been at the beach house for a few days at the start of the season. In the week before Christmas people has been arriving and the little coasta...
[With thanks to Patricia (billbig5893) not only for inspiration, but for making this a better story.]
Patricia usually tolerated the seventy-five minute highway segment of her daily commute pretty ...
He took her into his private room and shut the door and locked it. She had been here before and had no fear. He quickly undressed her and then stripped himself. He looked her body over as he never got...
Chris10, last of Chris Series
DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.
'Wanna cum in rubbers?' Cobb moaned,...
my first married older lady.....
Like most young lads I got crushes on my best mates mum, teachers.... you know, we all had them! Still, as a spotty teenager it was never going to happen, and definitely wouldn't have been right. Good...
Chronicles of Rima - 1
It happened one day about 6 years after Abhi and Rima had been married. As is the norm, she had met many persons in the marriage. Some nice, some not so nice but she had developed a liking for two per...
You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – by SBarak1
You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – a story by SBarak1
I had finished a contracting role and had a few weeks off before starting my next assignment. It was time to catch up on some odd jobs aroun...
My wife’s career as a nude model, part 1
This is a true story told to me by my wife shortly after we had met. When she had finished her story I realized that she had experienced so much more in her life than I had. I was an innocent lamb com...
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