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Close Encounters Of Olden Times: 2. The Girl, Her
Unusual female phenomenon with chills, spills, action, and thrills.
!. I met a girl, her female friend, and her b*****r one night at a house party that a friend from work was hosting (quite a nice ...
Ashley and Juans Sexily embrace
It was 2:00 am in the morning and Ashley just got back from a night of clubbing.
She waltzed in through the front door like people do, there sat Juan with his pants to his knees, his limp burrito
Part 2 – The Crone, The girls and the two b*****rs
The Crone is always the ruse, the black magic woman who attracts the young, pretty teens to help her with her ‘disability’ and her ‘plight.’ She is obese, appears ‘sickly’, ‘helpless’, ‘depressed’. Th...
Part 3 – Gagging Nicole lee.
The sound of the American teen screaming into tape faded away and was cut off by the bang of the torture chamber door. The elder was left in a daze, his mind wandering into territories of torture and ...
Not The Average Couple
Lacey quivers under the gentle pressure and heat that the four hands provided.
Her eyes rolled back, briefly remembering how the night came to this.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><>...
Taxi Drivers whore
This happened to me a while ago, thought I'd share.
It'd been a nightmare of a month so I'd gone clubbing and had a ball. Worn my best stuff, my loveliest undies, looked a million dollars! I'd gone...
ASIAN HIGH SCHOOL WIFE, part 3: Mexican Surprise
[[[This is part 3 of . . .probably a lot. The stories are inspired by Japanese idol Kanna Yume. You can see her galleries and videos on xhamster. Many of them are saved in my favorites. Here is on...
Hitch-hiking 1993
Hitch-hiking 1993
How to flirt by e-mail? Through stories of past experiences, perhaps? What was your first experience with a fella? Where did you meet him? How did it come ...
Soaking with a Mormon Gal in College
When I was a sophomore in college in Wisconsin I met a female sophomore named Ella who was raised Mormon. Ella attended Brigham Young University (BYU) and was visiting a friend for the weekend. Only...
A beautiful sight
I was still dating kylie at the time. And her parents had gone away on a business trip for a week. She didn't stay far away from school about a 10 minute walk. The Monday at school we discussed to bun...
stepdad's cock
On Saturday night my mom and stepdad went out for supper while I stayed at home doing a geography assignment as I was in matric. It was after 10 when I decided to call it a night and get into bed. Bef...
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