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The New Guy Part 2 (Chad & Marcie)
“There’s something different about you Marce; what gives?” Bianca my friend, colleague and the office gossip was sitting across from me chatting on our lunch break.
“I don’t know what you’re talking ...
Proove it.
"You know you are a wonderful mother, right?" Lacey closes the door to their daughters room as gingerly as possible, praying she didn't stir, and turns to face Reese.
"Yeah, yeah…" Lacey flashes on...
It's gonna be like ringing a dinner bell...
I'm smiling so hard my lips hurt.
"You're two hours early" I say, trying not to giggle as she glides by me through my just opened door. I'm trying to be cool. I've been talking a lot of shit with t...
Once upon a time
Now this may be a bit funny but then again it is quite sad. A lady I know we used to go out together about 15 years ago check the date of this post because this this could be hanging around for a long...
Pleasuring the Gorgon Part 1
Three adventurers encounter an extremely seductive Gorgon
He held her head down to the ground, as the snakes in her head flayed around. Leaving translucid oily traces down his legs; these emaneted ...
Emma the MILF - a g string and loud sex addict (tr
Used to shag blonde Emma at her house weekends and some midweek. She was always gagging for it. One of the noisiest I've ever had. Not shouty but always loud moaning and a metal bed that squeaked real...
The Class Nerd deflowers the Headgirl.
The Class Nerd deflowers the Headgirl.
When I was at school I was the typical nerd. Although I’m close to six feet and quite muscular, I’ve always been an outwardly shy book worm. I had only nerd ...
Tori, the highschool cumslut
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Genre- Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, i****t, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Teen Male/Teen Female, Voyeurism
Tori, a 16-...
Stuck Cock Ring.
Stuck Cock Ring.
I’m Jack and I bought a cock ring to have some playtime with my wife. I fitted it between my body and balls. The erection tonight was like steel. My wife had a see-through baby-dol...
I sat on the couch waiting to hear the tell tale creak of the stairs signaling my landlords inevitable visit. Toying with the locket my mother had given me four years ago on my sixteenth birthday; I s...
Latina Massage Parlor
Saw an add a while ago for an Asian style massage parlor that featured Latina ladies. Review sites indicated it was pricey, but worth it. I'd had some amazing encounters at oriental “happy ending” pla...
A Merry Ho Ho Ho
It was a cold night. The weather man was predicted that this winter would be the harshest the country had seen in years. Tiffany wrapped the blanket tighter around her as she snuggled down on the couc...
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