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First time stallion
So there I am analysing myself in front of my hotel room mirror for a final check that I’m ready to greet my man when he knocks on my room door. Hair, brown shoulder length combed straight , check, Fu...
First time anal with a huge Dom cock (real story)
I was at home alone feeling really horny, I hadn't cum for about 1 week... I started watching porn and soon after I found myself on a dating website that I used to go on at the time...I was cross dres...
sissy rules
sissy rules to live by
Rule#1: A sissy does not have a cock. A sissy has a clitty
Rule#2: A sissy wears a bra and panties
Rule#3: A sissy loves cock
Rule#4: A sissy loves cum
Rule#5: A s...
My first time with a shemale
My First Time
2009, I was stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA at the time, just back from having been in Iraq and Kuwait for the previous 9 months. I had been looking at transsexual porn for a couple yea...
Shemale Amazon Goddess
This story is based on a dream I had about shemale porn star Meghan Chevalier around 15 years ago.
I'm sitting up in bed. There is an empty glass on the nightstand; I know that I have recent...
Misadventures of Karen
Wrote this for someone. Might be a small series, i dunno.
Late in the Winter evening, Karen sat down at her computer searching through her email with a glass of wine as she did almost every night ...
All characters are over 18
Béa was sexy femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She raised him and together raised their feminine side to grow up as s****rs into beautiful transvestites girls. Di...
The Ultimate Humiliation and Entrapment of a Sissy
In the dingy motel room where my life turned around in such a short time is where this story begins but the beginnings of this story were many years in the past, a past in which dressing up, spanking,...
Indian sissy maid: Wife Returns
the night while pressing aunty feet, she told me how girly i become, she wished she could have Wife like me. She told that village life is harder ,as she has to woke up early ,do all the house ,dairy ...
Cross Dressing Cock Slut Party
Sadly this wonderful story is just a fantasy, but who wants to make something similar a reality!?!
The evening had taken a while to arrange, but had finally arrived. All 5 guests turned up within 1...
My new assistant - her story, part 2
The next week the office renovations were finished and I started working for Mr. Anderson full time as his assistant. It was a busy week since the office was closed for renovations the week before. I ...
She set herself next to me on the couch in the lobby of the hotel I was staying. I was in a lousy mood and everything to lift me up was welcome. I had noticed that elegant strut that only Asian women ...
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