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Housewives Nude Calendar, Oh So Wrong.
'OK so none of us are perfect, but what they get is Oh so AU-Natural'.
That brought a round of 'Cheers', and the glasses chinked, as we all contemplated on the task ahead.
We were going to do a ...
Anal Unexpected
Anal Unexpected
By billy69boy
When I was in my late 20's I met a young nurse who worked at the community Crisis Center. I volunteered there one night a week, after my regular day job. We dated...
going underground
Going underground
This story is about a young Mom named Becky and her Son Tommy,
Becky was now 36 and she had devoted her life to her son when her partner left her when she became pre...
Naked Pussy Roadtrip
Naked Pussy Roadtrip
It was the middle of winter when we finally found time to visit her best friend out in the country. As it was dry with no salt on the road I thought I would take my classic M...
Our Little Secret
It was almost nine PM. She was asl**p on the couch. I could see her nipple poking through her night gown and her dark areolas were visible. Such a nice supple pair of tits on her. As my eyes wande...
wife and daughter bbc sluts
In my last story you read how my wife Beth had sex with my step daughters black boyfriend. Things changed rather quickly around the house after that day. Beth was raised in a southern conservative f...
Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 15)
Mason woke up to find that Kevin and Stacey were missing. As he climbed out of bed, he heard unfamiliar voices laughing downstairs. He jumped up and went down to investigate. Whe...
Break a Leg
The dress rehearsal had been canceled early due to the snowy weather. Everybody was gone and I was closing up the theater but I wanted to adjust some of the stage lights while it was empty and quite. ...
Mom's Surprise
Mom's Surprise
edited by Cantankerous Cal (11/22/01)
How an accidental encounter led to a fulfilling night of
sex with mum, including oral and anal sex. It was late
autumn and d...
Message to Massage to more -- [2] Juicy Jenny
Message my Memory ... I sought so long, longing to re-read my sweet sexy seductive hort series of short stories.
Massage my Memory ... I thought for many months of key-words to use in this sites s...
Muslim housewife seduces black man
Hafsah was a 30 year old Muslim housewife of Pakistani origin. Her husband's name was Osman and he had successfully reached a high position in a firm so this meant that Hafsah was fortunate enough to ...
Older men are such fun when Hard
As a girl growing up I was met with many challenges. My life was vastly different compared to boys, boys and men saw girls differently, we had what they wanted, and strangely, we enjoyed the attention...
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