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Proove it.
"You know you are a wonderful mother, right?" Lacey closes the door to their daughters room as gingerly as possible, praying she didn't stir, and turns to face Reese.
"Yeah, yeah…" Lacey flashes on...
Alex's Craigslist Adventures Ch. 6
Xmas shopping and public restroom blowjobs
My name is Alex, I'm a 29 year old bi guy who has finally admitted to himself how much of a pervert I am. This adventure happened while I was xmas ...
My bbw wife (story 10) The used condom
There is a couple that we have know for years, having hung out quite often we all have become very comfortable with each other. They are close to the same age as us. Married, little ones, all the usua...
Unprofessonal Behavior
“Have a nice day.” Marcy said with a smile; though she was giving the bastard the middle finger. He couldn’t see it as her right hand was hidden behind the wall of her office. She was thrilled his tim...
teachers delight
to stat this off i would like to give you some background information.. i am based in london which is where this happened and i was 16 at the time. the teacher who i got lucky with:) was blonde,around...
Hot Hookup With Danny
I’ve been trying to arrange a hookup with this really hot guy named Danny for a few months now, but our schedules have never synced well enough to organise meeting up. I met Danny at a club a while ba...
Ana's graduation party
"Dad, I have a proposition."
"Ana, why did you start calling me dad?" puzzled by our new relationship.
"Well, you kinda are my dad for the next few months, so I may as well call you daddy. And i...
From my Daughters Diary: Caught With a Teacher
As I mentioned in a previous entry, my youngest daughter became sexually active at a young age. She has always been extraordinarily attractive. She is bright, very successful as a staff member of a ...
Becoming Daddy's
Becoming Daddy's
I was so happy as I ran down the stairs, knowing I wouldn't have to walk in the doors of my former high school. I was an official graduate. No more homework or tests ...
Bedtime on My 18th Birthday
Bedtime on My 18th Birthday
Growing up in a small village of close families, he behavior of myself and my mother never seemed unusual.
I knew we were closer than most as it wa...
Sales Conference
I've been exceeding my quotas for three years now and the company is finally sending me to the conferences- the good ones. This last summer I was fortunate enough to go the best show in the industry i...
The Fantasy
The Fantasy
She was standing outside room no. 723 wearing a tight black dress and high heels as they had told her to. In front of the door were a blindfold and a letter which read “Put the blindfol...
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