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mark Moves In

("Just a little in site, Mark is half American Indian and half Spanish American. He grew to be a very attractive
young man. Not very tall, Smooth tan skin, black hair, brown eyes, and a sweet personality. Note: I never felt
or looked at Mark in a sexual way until he moved in with me at age 20.")

This story is about a young man named mark that I knew from when he was young until his present age of 23.

Mark was raised by his grandmother in the state of Texas. I am on the east coast USA. I met his grandmother
Many years ago in a chat room and kept in touch over the phone as well as social media. Mark was around 12
when I first spoke to him. Mark always had a issue with fallowing rules. He never did anything that cause harm
To others. Marks main issue was not realizing his actions had consequences. When he was younger he would do
normal k** things like not be home in time for meals, say he was sick so he did not have to attend school,
and a few other things. Marks Grandmother did believe in spanking. She would talk to me and calm herself down
As any one should before disciplining a c***d. I would speak to Mark as well to try to get him to understand
What he does would lead to a punishment of some sort. Mark was not always giving a spanking for misbehaving,
sometimes he would be grounded. His grandmother did the best she could to keep him in line. As he grew older
He kept his ways of doing things without thought or understanding the consequences. When Mark was 19 years old
He dated a girl almost 18. The problem was she was not 18 yet. He was warned by myself and his grandmother
That this would cause him trouble and it was against the law. As always Mark did what he wanted, this finally
Ended up bad. The girls parents finally called the police, this got mark probation and he hat to register as
A sex offender. He was to report to his probation officer and he had a curfew. Mark was late on his rent so he
Tried to avoid his land lord. This is when mark got in real trouble, he was reported as disregarding his probation
restrictions. Mark had a court date and he was waiting to see his fate that the court was going to issue him

I spoke with him and his grandmother and told them he could move to the east coast with me and I would make sure
He got a job and would fallow his restrictions. The courts was not going to allow this but after some time agreed.
Before Mark came here I made it clear that even though he was then 20 he would fallow my and the courts rules.
If he did not I would not be afraid to issue him a spanking. I have always felt even young men over 18 sometimes
need spanking. I have seen that it is still effective in most cases. Mark and his grandmother agreed to this.
Of course at first mark fallowed my and the courts rules to a tee. After some time Mark started slacking off.
He would come in late. He would miss work that he was very lucky to find so soon. After only a month of him
being under my care I had decided it was time for me to for fill my promise that I would spank Mark.

It was a Friday. Mark was making plans for that night with a few new friends he had made. Before Dinner I sat
with him in the living room and told him that we were going to discuss his behavior and what was expected of
him when he first moved with me. After going over many things I asked him if he felt he has not fallowed threw
with his end of the agreement. Mark looked at the floor and I immediately said in a stern voice "Look at me
young man" This changed Marks body actions as well as his voice tone. He said " No Sir I have not been doing
rite" I then asked him If he thought I would just let him get away white theses thing? Mark replied quickly with
a NO SIR. Then I said it, Mark I have no choice but to keep you home tonight and punish you. He again replied
YES SIR. I asked him if he needed to call his friends to cancel his plans and he agreed that it would be nice
if he could.

We carried on and had a nice dinner not speaking of his punishment at all. After us both cleaning up him doing
the dishes and us relaxing on the couch I called him over and told him to stand in front of me. He did so and
with out any reminder he looked rite at me waiting for me to lecture him. I made it short and sweet. The it was
time. I told him to keep his arms to his side at all times unless I said differently. I reached out and unbuckled
his belt, then his jean button, as I unzipped his pants I could see him start to get nervous. I told him that He
will be OK but I will be giving him a proper spanking that will make him sore for probably a day. He again replied
Yes sir in kind of a sweet way. As I lowered his jean to his ankles he lifted his right leg. I moved my hands to
his briefs. I lowered them to his knees as well. I guess it was a natural instinct but he covered his penis with
his hands. I said to him, Mark I warned you to keep your hands to your side. He said he was sorry and moved his
hands away. After looking at his perfect penis I felt myself getting hard. I knew I needed to carry out this
discipline before enjoying any sexual argument I had. I got up and went to the kitchen and got a wooden spoon
from the drawer. I sat in front of him again and told him to hold out the palms of his hands. I gave each one 5
slaps. This was to remind him to keep his hands at his side. I could see in his face the slaps with thew spoon stung
But he took them well. He placed his hands back at his side and I lectured
just a little longer looking at his medium size penis not to this but just rite in my point of view. I could not
help notice his thin pubic hair just above his penis and lack of much hair at all below that. It mush have been
from his heritage, So sooth and the perfect amount of hair for a young man.

It was time, I told mark to lay over my lap, chest and arms on the couch in front of him, pants sock and briefs
still at his ankles. His feet were just over the edge of the couch. I again admired how beautiful his bare bottom
was. So smooth and laying over my lap waiting for me to turn it from a light tan to a few different shades of red.
I again lectured him to prolong his waiting and to give me some more time to inspect his smooth bottom. I
repositioned him so that I could properly spank his bottom. I placed my hand down and began rubbing his legs and
bottom lightly. He kept his face looking above his head towards his outstretched arms. I warned him again not to
move his hands in any way unless I instructed him to do so. Finally I asked him, " are you ready for your
punishment to begin?" That sweet almost c***d lie Yes Sir was my queue to begin.

I had my left hand on the center of Marks back, my right hand raised up
and brought down the first hard slap
to his right side of his bottom. I began the left with yet another hard swat,
I moved back and forth from the
top of his bottom to just the top of his legs. The crease below his bottom I
call the sit spot. I pay extra attention to this so when he sits for the next
day he will be reminded of his spanking. I noticed marks penis getting hard
against my leg over my jeans. I grew even harder inside of my jeans. At this
point I must call his body parts his dick and ass. I say this because at this
point I was very sexually aroused and from his hard dick rubbing against my
leg I knew he was as well. After about 30 hard smacks with my hand I stopped. I
rubbed his red ass seeing my handprint all over it. I only paused for a minute
before picking up the wooden spoon. I began slapping his ass side to side then
moved down the back of his legs. At this point Mark was humping my leg and I was
pressing my hard dick against his side. The swats were hard and steady. Each time
his yelps got more intense. When the spoon slapped his legs he made a sound of a cry.
I continued until I saw his ass and legs were red and Mark was close to tears.

I told Mark to get up. When he did I saw the tears in his eyes. Mark is small
enough even at his age to sit on my lap. He sat on my left leg. I saw his hard dick
and noticed clear pre cum on the tip. I placed my hand on his right inner thigh,
rubbing up and down. I moved closer to his hard dick and looked at him. He understood
I was asking him if he wanted me to touch his hard dick. He nodded his head yes.
At this point I was rock hard. I immediately used my thumb and circled the pre cum
around the head of his dick. His body flinched but he seemed to enjoy the feeling
of my hand. I then slid my lubed hand down the shaft of his dick using his own pre
cum as lube. I stoked his dick and he sat very still and let me do my job. No words
were spoken but I seen his balls pull tight towards his dick. I knew that was a sign
that he was going to cum soon. I stopped stroking his dick. He looked at me with a
sad expression. I told him he needs to understand I am in charge. I began stroking
his dick again and he moaned. This had me ready to explode in my pants but I was able
to control myself. Mark finally shot a load into his leg and on my hand. I kept
stroking him. He started to squirm and at one pint began to ask me to stop. He caught
himself before the words came out. I circled the head a few more moments. Then I
stopped. Neither of us said a word. I told him to stand I got up and got a towel
and cleaned up his huge load.

Mark then asked me if he could pull his pants up. I told him that he was not
finished being punished. Marks face looked so sad and he asked me if he was going to
be spanked more. I said, Yes mark I am sorry but I feel you need to learn now that
you will not disregard the rules that were put in place when you first agreed to move
with me. Marks voice was that of a sad young man and I heard the 'Yes Sir' that I
expected from him. I began to undo my belly and Mark began to plead with me not to
use my belt, he told me he learned his lesson and will never misbehave again. I told
him I needed to carry his punishment threw.

As I took off my belt Mark began to cry, I asked him why. Marks said he knows how the belt
feels and begged me not to use it. I told him " I am sorry Mark but you need to learn" He
replied with his Yes Sir. Since this was a smaller width belt I folded it in half. Wider belts
I wrap the buckle around my hand and use it as a strap. I placed my left arm across marks
back and bent him over a bit, I wasted not time, WHACK, the first blow made Mark yelp and the
tears were rolling down his face. I kept a steady stream of lashes across his already sore and
red ass. After about 25 I stopped. I said Your spanking is now over. I sat on the couch and
mark fell to his knees laying his head on my lap crying.

I rubbed marks hair and told him how much I care for him and I needed to show him that I was
serious about my rules. He told me how sorry he was. I explained that he should expect the same
any time he broke the rules. After a few minutes I hesitated but finally asked mark if he felt
he should thank me for his spanking. I went on to say how lucky he was to have someone care
enough to keep him out of trouble. Mark looked confused but then he realized what I was asking.
Mark asked me if I wanted him to use his mouth on me. I asked him if he would feel alright
doing that. He did not say a word and started rubbing the outside of my jeans. I stood up and
unfasten my jeans and pulled them down along with my boxers. I sat back down.

Mark told me he thought he could figure out how to do it from having it done to him. I placed
my hands on his head and guided his mouth onto my rock hard dick. He wrapped his lips tight
around my dick and sucked with a lot of pressure. I moved his head so my dick slid in and out.
I saw Mark dock grow again. I told him he could stroke himself if he liked. He just worked on
my dick with his mouth. He looked up at me with those brown eyes and waited for my approval.
I smiled and told him he was doing a very good job. He continued to suck me. I started to
moaned and told him I was going to cum in his mouth and I expected him to swallow every bit.
He did not seem to mind. He moved his own head like a pro. I could not take it any more. I
said in a loud voice, I'M going to Cum!!!!!!!!!. With that I shot a huge load into Marks mouth.
He did his best to swallow it all but could only handle so much for his first time. He seemed
nervous that he did not swallow it all. I smiled and told him it was OK, he will learn. He put
his head on my hap and wrapped his arms around me and I did the same to him. We just sat there
like that for a long time.

I can not say I want Mark to earn a spanking any time soon but I know when he does It will be
gratifying as well as a learning experience for Mark.

(* Thank you for reading this story. I will be adding a new story soon. I would like any feedback
you have. I will have a different scenario for my next story.)
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