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The awaking of Joyce

A couple of weeks ago I was out shopping when I bumped into an old school friend. We hadn’t seen each other since school so I suggested we go for a cup of coffee and catch up on life. It turned out that Joyce had been married for 18 years with no c***dren and a fairly humdrum existence. I have been married for a similar period but had a more exciting life style. As we sat and talked I noticed a chap across the café kept looking our way. He looked a bit dishy so I slowly spread my thighs to let him see more of me (i.e. thighs and possibly a bit of pussy).
Sensing that I was a bit distracted Joyce asked me what the matter was. “Oh I replied just flashing that chap over there for a bit of fun”. “What do you mean flashing him?” “Well” I replied “I don’t have any panties on and thought it would be fun to see his reaction” Joyce looked a bit put out at this and asked me why I didn’t have panties on. “Oh I often go out without – it’s amazing the fun you can have that way “I replied.
“What do you mean fun? Joyce asked. “Well anything from cheering up a few old men to getting a good fucking” I said. “What!” Almost shouted Joyce. “You don’t really let yourself get fucked by strangers?” “No” I replied “I fuck strangers – there is a difference. And I do cheer up a few men – just look at the one over there – see the smile on his face he is obviously enjoying looking at a lady’s pussy in a café.” “Well He’s not seeing mine” she replied.
“Oh you were never such a prude at school were you when you let boys touch your breasts” I responded a bit waspishly. “That was different we didn’t know any better than” snapped Joyce.
“Look it’s just a bit of fun if you don’t let it go too far, why don’t you spread your legs a bit and at least let him see a bit of thigh?” I encouraged. After a bit more encouragement and a bit of cajoling Joyce slowly spread her legs a little. Seeing this the man gave her a thumbs up and a big smile. “There that wasn’t too difficult was it” I asked. “Well I suppose not and it did feel a bit liberating” Joyce replied. “Well why you don’t be a bit more liberating and take off your panties and let him see what he really wants to look at” I told her. “No way” was her immediate response.
“Oh scared are we?” I asked “go on be a devil for once” I cajoled. After a bit more encouragement (slight bullying) Joyce reluctantly agreed to give the chap a proper flash and went off to the toilets to remove her panties. Being a bit of a devil I immediately dashed across to the man and told him what was happening, he couldn’t keep the grin off his face. I cautioned him not to scare Joyce but just to give her an encouraging smile and nods and winks to show more.
I just got back to our table in time before a rather flustered looking Joyce came back. She noticed I had changed seats with her and asked why. “Well it will give the chap over there a cleared sight line than where you were sitting I replied. Reluctantly Joyce took my place. “Well go one then open your legs and let the dog see the rabbit”. “don’t be so crude “Joyce replied, but she went ahead a slowly opened her legs a little . Our voyeur gave her a smile and a thumbs up and then spread his hands apart. I thought this would phase Joyce out but no instead it encouraged her and she immediately opened her legs wide but only for a couple of seconds. “I can’t believe I did that” she whispered. “But did it feel exciting” I asked her. “Strangely – yes” she replied. Well do it again then but this time leave them lovely legs open a while longer and give the chap a real thrill – probably yourself as well” I encouraged. TO my surprise Joyce immediately opened her legs as far as her skirt would allow – which considering the loose skirt was quite a way. The chap across the room almost fell off his chair and gave a double thumbs up. Joyce turned to me and still with her legs wide apart said “This is exciting and I think that chap like what he sees”. I nearly fell off my chair at the change in Joyce from shy prude to almost wanton flasher in such a short time.
Before I could respond the chap came across to our table and said “I’m Jack may I buy you lovely ladies a coffee? By now I was feeling very turned on and without hesitation blurted – “yes please – I’m Mary and this is Joyce”. Jack signalled for three coffees ad sat down. “I did like the view from across the room and felt I should reward you for it. But now I am over here there is no view!” “Before I could reply Joyce blurted “ di you really like looking at my pussy?” This was suddenly looking like developing into a fun morning with the change in Joyce – I began to wonder how far I could push her. As we drank our coffee I ascertained that Jack was single and had nowhere to be that day.
“I live close by” I told him – “Do you fancy coming back to my flat for something a little stronger” I asked. Jack jumped at the offer but Joyce said she didn’t think she should come with us. Luckily before I had a chance to start to convince her Jack said “lovely as Mary is I really think you are a gorgeous, courageous lady and I will not accept the invitation unless you come with us” “Joyce looked flustered and flattered at the same time but eventually agreed – for a little while.
As we were walking to my flat I was thinking it would be fun to see how far I could bush Joyce. I have a bit of devil in me. When I looked round Jack and Mary were arm in arm. Mmm interesting! Back at the flat I poured us all a drink and we sat in the lounge. Mary in a chair and Jack and myself on the sofa facing her. “well how about giving jack here another glimpse of your charms” I asked Joyce. “Yes please” begged Jack. Somewhat reluctantly Joyce slowly opened her thighs wide and we both saw her delightful slit framed with a light dusting of blond hair.
“Oh god I’d love to touch that” groaned Jack. “No way” snapped Mary immediately closing her thighs. Not wanting the opportunity or fun to pass I immediately opened my thighs wide and said “you can touch mine instead then” Jack did not need any encouragement and his hand immediately disappeared up my skirt and found my very moist cunt. I lay back on the sofa eyes closed as his worked my cunt —two fingers inside and a thumb flicking my clitoris. I was in heaven.
I sneaked a peak at Joyce who was sat there mouth open staring at her friend being fingered. All I could think was “Hope she keeps quite until I get off”. Jack now had his cock out and I was wanking him in time to his fingering me. I was now past caring what Joyce was thinking I lay down on the floor legs wide apart and told Jack to “Fuck me NOW.” We both forgot about Joyce as he thrust 6 inches of rigid cock straight up my cunt. It felt gorgeous. Jack built up a nice rhythm and I was in heaven as I matched him thrust for trust.
I glanced across to Joyce and could not believe my eyes, She had her skirt up around her waist and was finger fucking herself like there was no tomorrow. Just then Jack let fly sending me into a lovely orgasm. When we calmed down I looked again at Joyce and she was simply sat rigid staring at us but with fingers still stuck up her cunt.
I had never been interested in sex with a woman but seeing Joyce laying back legs apart fingering herself really excited me. As Jack was now finished I crawled across the floor to Joyce and gently removed her hand and replaced it with mine. I have never felt another woman’s cunt before only my own and I felt a strange thrill of excitement and also a feeling of being in control of another person. Joyce just lay there looking at me not saying a word as I proceeded to caress her juicy cunt. The feeling of control was immense as I watched her face whilst increasing the speed of fingering and started to squeeze ad flick her clitoris with my other hand. Without my noticing Jack had come up behind me and the fist I knew was when I felt his hand on m cunt. I stopped fingering Joyce in surprise which resulted in here opening her eyes and saying “don’t stop, don’t stop I want to cum” The devil in me arose and I slipped to one side and motioned Jack to take my place and fuck her. Before Joyce could object he had his cock deep in her cunt and was thrusting away like there was no tomorrow. Joyce, now in the throes of ecstasy, simply kept moaning “more, more, faster, deeper”. Jack complied and after a few minutes during which I lay watching them whilst fingering myself to another orgasm they both came.

Jack seemed a bit embarrassed at having been encouraged to fuck Joyce by me but Joyce simply lay their legs akimbo and said “That was great, I never expected to be fucked again, Thanks you both. Can we do it again soon?”
Good grief what had I unleashed? Both in Joyce and myself.

Have to wait to see in later stories

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