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The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

He waited, naked, tied spread eagle to the upright rectangular frame that stood upon a circular dais like an empty doorframe in the middle of the room. She had told him to survey the wall in front him and reflect upon the various implements that hung there or rested upon shelves. “Think of what those will do to you”, She had told him earlier, “you may end up intimately knowing of each one, If I choose.” She patted his bare ass, “I’m going to rest, I’ll be back when I want to, hang loose,” She chuckled. She left the room. He studied the gear: whips of all types, clamps, restraints, straps, chains, paddles, and dildos, especially the dildos- some seemed pleasurable, thin tapered toys for fun, others were fierce and frightening in size and shape. She had told him when they met, Her specialty and favorite was taking a man with a strapon, “Have no illusion if you come with Me, I will take you hard and often, you better be sure you want this, but first you must suffer pain for Me, surrender to Me, be Mine before I fuck you with any of My Goddess cocks.” Of course he wanted this, but then again…pain…torture…those fearsome tools…

For years he fantasized about Dominant Women. Something about submitting to a strong Lady appealed to him. He remembered the exact moment in time he discovered this. Many years earlier, an eon ago, he was perusing comic books in a store. One cover caught his eye- a man was tied to a water wheel being turned into a pool of water by a laughing villainess dressed in a leather outfit. A sexual thrill had shot through him like a silver bullet, it was not porn but he was too embarrassed to buy the comic. The memory of that thrill remained and since then he sought out Femdom porn. Throughout the years he yearned to be controlled by a Dominant Woman. He had a typical vanilla sex life with girlfriends and two wives, never having the courage to ask them if they were interested in Dominance and submission. Fear that they would see him as a freak kept him silent. Twice he had contacted Professional Dommes but he chickened out each time. Finally, several years after the death of his second wife, he joined a website devoted to porn of all types and people who shared their interests online. That was two months ago. A month later She had contacted him.

He corresponded with Her for a month, telling Her all his desires and need to serve a Dominant Lady. She questioned him intensely, counseled him, and brought out the truth of what was meant by his wants. She had met him yesterday at a local restaurant; She was the same age as he and of a similar background. He found Her to be gorgeous; She was of medium height, slightly plump with curves in all the right places, long brown hair, and piercing green eyes. She was all Woman, not a girl, a true Lady, a Goddess. She told him of Her expectations, “You must give yourself completely to Me, not refusing anything, you do this and I’ll take you to the heights of ecstasy and sexual freedom you’ve never before dreamed of.” He agreed and that is how he came to be tied naked in Her dungeon.

He waited. After what seemed like an eternity, he heard the sharp sound of high heels on the wooden floor as She walked in the room. He could not see Her but knew She stood behind him. After a minute or two or a thousand, She walked slowly to him and touched the center of his back. A jolt shot through him. She said nothing as She lightly touched his shoulders with Her fingertips. Then She started to run Her fingertips, barely touching, along his arms, down his back, his ass, his legs and back up. He shivered, not expecting something like this. Her fingers felt wonderful as She traced Her fingers ever so lightly along the contours of his body. Goose bumps covered his skin and he shuddered, he heard only his heart beating, his gasps and Her easy breathing. It felt so good but also, in a way, like torture- he wanted more touch. He could feel his blood coursing through his body and he was painfully erect, as if his cock would burst at the slightest touch. She ran Her fingers around to his front, starting at his arms and then down. He could feel Her breath on his neck and shoulder, warm and wonderful. As She ran Her fingers towards the insides of both thighs near his crotch he began to shake and his breathes came in quick gasps. She whispered playfully, “Ahhhh, nice and sensitive.” She softly laughed and stated a bit louder, “I love such sensitivity, makes the sting of My whips hurt so much more.” She then slowly ran Her fingers around his balls and then with the slightest touch ran one fingertip up the underside of his hardon from base to tip. He trembled and his cock jerked; Her touch was sending electric waves through him, he felt he would soon burst in orgasm. She continued to run Her finger up and down as She breathed in his ear, “Don’t you dare cum.” Her hands pulled away after what seemed like an eternity. She slowly walked around the frame and came to stand in front of him. He sharply sucked in his breath as She came into his view.

Her flashing eyes caught his eyes first, they radiated power and sexuality. She stood with Her hands on Her hips, wearing a leather collar, a topless leather bustier, thigh high leather boots with 3 ¾ inch heels and nothing else. She was a vision of pure Female superiority. Her beauty hit him like a tidal wave. She turned slowly and began fingering several of the whips that hung on the wall. “So, what to start with,” She purred. She chose a thin, short whip, “Yes, a single-tail, I’ll see if you really want to suffer for Me.”

She turned the dais so he faced a mirrored wall. He could see Her when She was behind him as She swished the short whip through the air with flicks of Her wrist. He had read about single-tail whips; how they inflicted sharp, painful lashes, and how they could be dangerous if not used correctly. He tensed as he watched Her walk closer, pulling the tail through Her left hand till She held the tip. Quickly She flicked it and he felt a sharp sting across his ass. He jumped in his restraints and She laughed softly, “Yes, very sensitive… now let go sweetie.” The lashes came slowly at first; his ass, back, and thighs feeling each bite of the leather single-tail. She started to slash faster and faster, he writhed, gasped, and started yelping as the whip ripped sharply onto his flesh. It felt as She was slicing his skin; but no skin was broken as She expertly wielded the torturous tool. He saw on Her face a combination of expert concentration and triumph with each lash. She moved with smooth precision as Her eyes flashed at the sound of the whip cracking upon his skin. Suddenly She stopped. Watching his writhing form She said sternly as She walked around to stand in front of him, “I want more…the front.”

“Yes Mistress,” he stammered.

“Good boy.” Their eyes locked. She flicked the whip, its tip bit perfectly on his left nipple. It felt as if his nipple was sliced away. Then his right nipple, left, right, left, right, on She continued, each expertly aimed lash brought cries of pain. “Yes, suffer for Me,” She said. The bites came faster as She whipped him in a counter clockwise circle from his nipples to just above his knees. The circle began to shrink as the whip’s sting hit his stomach and upper thighs, slowly circling in to… His eyes widened in fear, Oh no, not there, not this whip he thought. His eyes pleaded. A slight, crooked smile curved across Her face, raised to the right, both devastating and wondrous, it sent a thrill of fear and desire to please Her through him. Her eyes stated, Oh yes, right there, what I WANT, what you need. His eyes replied, Yes… The whip cracked on the tip of his engorged cock, he screamed. His body quaked with each lash as She mercilessly danced the leather tip all over his cock, but his eyes stayed locked with Hers, not wanting to turn away from those beautiful, green eyes which pierced his very being. I can’t take this he thought…it’s too painful, too much… then a feeling of gratification washed over him. Pain, yes, but pleasure…pleasure in Her. He felt Her victory over him, Her pleasure, Her satisfaction, Her power… and yes, Her devotion. A surge passed between them like a bolt of lightning, he surrendered completely to it, to Her. She stopped. She stood, breasts heaving and Her eyes accepting his gift, Mine.

Yes, Yours.

She placed the whip on its peg, walked over to him and unfastened his arms, slowly letting them down while caressing them. She untied his ankles, lovingly running Her hands back up the body She now owned. He collapsed to his knees as Her arms enveloped him and brought his head to Her stomach. He sobbed with gratitude as She caressed his head. “Let it out love,” She said softly, “You now trust all in Me, we have much more to explore and know I will always cherish your submission.” His sobs subsided and he felt pure devotion to Her, pure happiness, pure destiny. All his life had led to this moment, the moment he truly belonged to another in the way that he was meant to be. He was completely Hers, in body, mind, and spirit. In this, he was finally…


To be continued…

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markman42 6 years ago
The rush of submissive desire and lust first comes and you want any touching of your body by her. Even the leather whip lashing the cock head is sexually erotic.
jacquin001 7 years ago
Fantastic story had me jacking off all the through it thanks
andyoranges 7 years ago
Awesome..........very arousing, good psychological writing
LITTLESHAVER 7 years ago
beautifully written!
slave_ariana 7 years ago
That was brilliant, I loved it, the description, stunning, I could never hope to write so well.
Please write more
Bob111401 7 years ago
On of the best storys I had read on here, it is saved to my favorite. the only story on my page besides the one I have written. Can not wait for more
puncture 7 years ago
That was good. Part 2?
martyn-brown 7 years ago
Brilliant!it's so hard to convey the fine line between the slave? and mistress. who is in control?
nearly not me as I read this and I did not have a firm grip on my cock I would have cum as the whip hit his nipple, please write
beilgreg 7 years ago
First attempt at literotica, please give an honest assessment.

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