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The Laundry Room

The laundry room was empty when I got there, but two of the coin-operated washing machines were already running, which left me only one available. That was alright, I didn't have much, just jeans and work shirts, and a lot of lingerie. As I set myself up to begin loading the machine, someone else came into the laundry room, a great looking guy that I hadn't seen before, and I smiled in greeting. He returned the gesture, giving me a smile that would easily be panty-remover if my panties weren't already off and waiting to be washed. He went to the two other machines and began unloading them and carrying the damp garments over to the bank of dryers. I was in no hurry, and was enjoying the view every time he bent over to stuff more into the dryer, probably the first time I ever actually checked pockets and arranged things in the washer, trying to stay as long as I could. I was in the middle of trying to untangle a knee sock from a bra strap when he shut the dryer door and put his change in, then I gave him another smile as he went past, thinking he would be leaving the room.

I was wrong.

I still had almost half my laundry to put into the washer, I had been really dragging it out, and thinking I had no need to stick around, I just dumped the rest of the bag into the machine and started tossing things around to make the load even. To my surprise, instead of leaving, the good looking guy went over to the door and kicked the stop out, the pneumatic door closer sighing as it swung shut and closed with a click. It was this sound that really brought my attention around, and when I turned to look, he had already come back to where I was standing and was giving me the most devious of grins.

"Those are nice, I'd like to see them on," he reached into the washer and pulled out a pair of black lacey panties with garters dangling from them, "and then take them off." He smirked, and held the garment out so I could see, they had been worn to a playdate judging by what was clearly cum all over the crotch. "What happened here?"
I shrugged, and smiled coyly at him, "They're all like that, I guess I just don't know how to behave." I punctuated my statement with a little giggle, tugged the panties from his hand and tossed them back into the machine. Closing the lid, I popped my coins into the slots and started the cycle, then turned as to leave but found my way blocked. Standing barely a foot from him, I realized how tall he was, easily nine inches taller than me, and his toned, athletic build was filling the aisle between the wall and the row of washers.

"Do you misbehave often?" he asked, not moving. I simply shrugged again, smiling sweetly. "Are you a bad girl?" I waited a moment, then two, then slowly nodded. The next thing I knew, there were two large hands wrapped around my waist and I was being lifted, then seated on the washer I had just started. He pushed my knees apart, and was treated by the sight of my pretty pussy peaking out from under my short skirt. He practically ripped open his button-fly jeans, I was sure I was going to hear a grommet tinkling across the floor, "I guess I don't have to worry about adding another pair," he said, reaching into his open pants and pulling out a beautiful 8" uncut cock already well on its way to being hard. He wrapped one arm around my hips to pull me closer to the edge of the machine, then started rubbing that smooth head against my clit. I was already wet, the whole encounter incredibly exciting, and this just seemed to incite him, "Where the fuck have you been?" he growled into my ear, his thick, rigid member pushing against me and then easing inside. He kept pushing, filling me, until his pelvis was touching my thighs and he was buried all the way in, bottoming out. I couldn't help it, I started moving my hips to feel that monster shift and rock inside me, and he let me continue for a few seconds, but not long. He put one hand at the small of my back, keeping me at the edge of the washer, the other wrapped up in my hair and holding my head against his shoulder. Then he started fucking me, slowly at first, sliding in and out with long strokes, with a little push at the end so I knew just how deep he was, but his breathing started to get heavier quickly, and his strokes became shorter, faster, until he was sure to rock the machine right away from the wall with the way he was pounding into me. His cock was slick with my excitement, my pussy eagerly awaiting each impalement, so much so that it was leaking out and dripping down the front of the washer and my thighs were soaked with it. He pushed in hard, causing me to gasp, but that soon turned into a contented purr as I felt the throb of him dumping a huge load of cum inside me, adding to the stream that was flowing down the machine. He kept himself in deep for a few moments longer, until the pressure against by cervix lessened to indicate he was softening, then he let his cock slip out of me and untangle his hand from my hair. As soon as he stepped back, I hopped down from the washer and pushed him back against the wall, falling to my knees to use my tongue and mouth to clean off the delectable treat between his legs. I peeked up at him, and the look on his face showed that he hadn't expected that at all, and that thrilled me. I spent a few more seconds licking and sucking on that soft meat, and then without so much as a word, I stood and sauntered over to the door, pulling it open and leaving the room without even looking back.

Hell, he probably doesn't even live here.
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early121 11 months ago
jamirochris 1 year ago
damn...that's hot
marvin19 1 year ago
outstanding again sohot and i felt right there with you the whole way!
Tango_Mango 1 year ago
Dammm i love this right on top of the washer mm and i love all the lingerie heheh ;)
gregr2911 1 year ago
nice writing
leoscock10 1 year ago
fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk ------ hotttttttttt
pieloverface 1 year ago
Very hot indeed..
dermot1 1 year ago
What a build up on this story ;) my favorite part "I felt the throb of him dumping a huge load of cum inside me" 8 inches of uncut cock and so passionately slow fucking you with his hand tangled in your hair!!! Uuumm loved it :)
1964easyrider 1 year ago
Uuuummm hot as hell story.
You would be a helluva encounter
HardWorkingGuy 1 year ago
Very Hot story my dear. Love the fact that you cleaned his cock. Such a good little cumslut :-)

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