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The Neighbor's Pregnant Wife.

In 2010, when I lived in Texas, I ended up having one of the wildest experiences. I had just moved into a house with a new roommate. He and I were in the backyard grilling, when I met the neighbors for the first time. Jim and Sandy were an interesting couple. He looked to be about 40, whereas she had to be in her early 20s. I realized pretty quickly after talking to them for a few minutes that Sandy wasn't too bright, but, boy, she had a smoking hot body, even for being in in the middle of pregnancy. She was wearing shorts that looked like they were about 3 inches from top to bottom, and her legs were toned going up to a luscious ass. Above her shorts was a beautiful developing pregnant belly, and her full breasts strained against the buttons of her sleeveless shirt. There was more than a bit of firm boob visible from the sides. Her walk was still a sexy saunter, and I knew she was not someone who would be trading it in for a waddle as she got farther along. She tossed her long blonde hair.
Nate, my roommate, invited them over to join us.
I said Hi and introduced myself, and offered Jim a beer. Sandy asked if she could have one, and I said, "Aren't you pregnant?"
"Oh, yeah, that's right," she giggled. "I'm almost 5 months along. Would you like to feel my belly?"
Of course I would love to do anything to get my hands her body, so I said sure, and she started unbuttoning the bottom of her shirt, but instead of stopping when just her belly was exposed, she kept on unbuttoning the whole thing. Her bra was lacy and a little sheer, and just a tad too small for her growing breasts. She placed my hands on her belly, and I couldn't help but stare at her magnificent tits, with the tops of her dark areola visible above the overflowing bra.
"For god's sake, Sandy, button your shirt back up," laughed her husband Jim. "You don't need to go showing these boys everything."
She giggled again, and buttoned up obediently, as Jim just shook his head.
But they were an easy going couple, and for the next few weeks I made sure I was in the backyard whenever she was out sun bathing or gardening. She would come over and chat, and seemed to enjoy me ogling her a bit.

It was nearly a month later when Jim and I were talking in the backyard, and he brought up a problem he had.
Apparently he liked to cum on Sandy's pregnant belly, and when he had first started doing that months ago, she was scared that it would be bad for the baby.
"So I told her that cum was the best beauty treatment there was, and that it would prevent stretch marks," Jim explained. "And now she wants me to cum on her every night. Even begs to suck my balls after we finish fucking so that I can cum easier and coat her in semen keep her belly smooth and supple as she grows."
"How the hell is that a problem?" I asked.
"It's not. Or at least it wasn't. God, she does suck balls well," he said while closing his eyes, clearly getting lost for a moment in remembering the experience. He opened his eyes. "But now I have to go away on a business trip for a week, and she is totally beside herself. She has cried every day for the past week about that she wants to keep her smooth skin, and how she needs me to stay so I can cum on her."
"Maybe I can help," I offered.
"Really? How?" he scoffed.
"I'd be happy to cum on her belly while you were gone."
He stared at me with narrowed eyes, and I was sure that I had gone too far and was about to get punched. But then he started to nod grimly, and walked back into his house.
I wasn't sure if I should wait or run, but a few minutes later he came with a red-eyed Sandy in tow. She had obviously been crying, and looked like she may have been getting a little careless about her appearance, because she was not wearing a bra, and her huge nipples jutted out from her white tee-shirt. She sniffled a little. "You would do that for me?" She asked.
I nodded, my heart thumping.
Jim cleared his throat. He looked a little pained. "Now, you don't have to fuck her, just cum on her belly," he clarified.
I smiled. "No problem, Jim. I will keep her skin looking good with my finest spunk, and she will be ready for your return." I fought back the urge to give him a wink.

Jim left the next Saturday, and I was over to their house by noon.
"I'm so glad you came," she said. "I was worried you would forget." She was dressed in a clinging scoop-neck shirt that followed all her curves, and short shorts that she wore below her belly. Her belly was now nearly 6 months along, and curved up gorgeously. Her breasts seemed like they had grown even more in size in the last few weeks, and as firm and taut as they were, they rested on her belly, giving her cleavage both on the center between her breasts and also where they met her belly.
I nodded, and told her to take all her clothes off. She did so eagerly, and stood there naked, waiting. She had a full bush of sandy-colored pubic hair that was darker and redder than her blonde head. I had an idea.
"Ohh." I said, faking concern. "I figured the doctors would have made you shave your pubes by now."
"Why?" she asked, looking a little confused.
"Well, you have to shave off all your pubic hair in order to have the baby, and usually they have all women shave it off by 20 weeks, just to be safe. So you are already a little late." It was easy to lie to her, and I could tell the way her eyes widened that she believed me. "Go upstairs and shave it off right now. I can wait."
She nodded, and took off upstairs, her tight luscious ass giggling a bit as she went up the stairs.
"Make sure you get down by the asshole, too," I called after her. "It's important." I could her her running water up there as I made myself comfortable in her house. I had just found Jim's camera and was clicking through some naked pregnancy photos of her on it when she came back down. Her pussy was now clean as a whistle.
"I'm so glad you told me," she said. "I didn't know." She sat on the couch and spread her legs wide for my inspection. She had done a great job, although it must have been hard for her to see down there with her huge belly. There was not a hair in sight, and her small-lipped cunt and smooth pink asshole nearly shinned up at me.
"Now will you cum on my belly?" she asked earnestly.
"Well, I'm never a guy who can just cum by masturbating," I lied. "You'll have to suck my cock first, and then we will probably have to fuck a little before I can cum."
She nodded, and it looked like maybe she was expecting this. She got down on her knees and unzipped my fly and lowered my shorts and underwear. Of course, my cock was already fully erect to all of its 7 inch length. She grabbed it, and started sucking the head. I enjoyed it for a few minutes, before grabbing the back of her head and helping her get the full length down her throat. She gagged a little, but got right back on it. She was definitely an eager cock sucker. Jim had her pretty well trained. And it was a joy looking down her with her full lips wrapped around my shaft, and her huge tits and belly below. I noticed she was already fingering herself. I grabbed Jim's camera and took a few pictures of his pregnant wife sucking my cock, making sure she was looking at the camera for a few of them.
Then I lifted her up and laid her back on the couch, and had her spread her legs wide. I guided my cock into her bare pussy and she gasped with pleasure as I sunk myself up to my balls in her. I fucked her hard in that position, her pregnant belly rising up in front of me. I grabbed her tits and squeezed hard, and a few drops of creamy milk came out. Then I put my dick back in her mouth while she continued to finger herself, and then back into her cunt. I flipped her over, and slid my dick in her pussy again. She was moaning with delight, but when I started to finger her pick asshole, she pulled back.
"I don't really like anal," she said.
But Jim had given me the key to manipulating his wife, and I knew how to use it. "Oh no," I said, as I continued to thrust in and out of her cunt. "Don't tell me you haven't been getting it up the ass when you are pregnant! Don't you know what that means?"
"No, what?" she asked.
"You have to balance out vaginal intercourse with anal intercourse when you are pregnant. If you don't, all that cock pushing in your pussy can push the baby into breech position. You need to have a penis thrusting in your rectum if you want to have the baby come out head first."
"Really?" she asked, suddenly nervous. But she didn't stop her backing up to me in rhythm with my thrusts.
"Yes, of course," I said solemnly. "And if the baby is breech, you need to have a c-section, and of course that means a big scar on your abdomen."
"You have to balance normal sex with butt sex?" she asked.
"Well yes, everyone knows that," I said, giving her ass a slap and watching it jiggle. "Just how much regular sex have you been having?"
"Alot. Almost every day. Oh no!" She cried as she realized what this meant. She twisted around to face me, her blue eyes big and innocent. "Will you help me? Will you fuck me up the ass?"
"Well," I said as I went back to fingering her rosebud. This time she pushed back into me and I felt her tight ass open up a little. "I suppose I could. But we have a lot of making up to do. I'll have to fuck you up the ass every day, probably twice a day, even when Jim gets back."
"Why can't he do it?"
"Well, my dick is bigger than his, so if you want to make up for all the regular sex you had, you need a bigger dick." By now I had two fingers up her ass, and I was thrusting them back and forth. I could feel it on my cock as I used both her holes. She let out a little moan.
"Oh. That makes sense. And you are bigger than he is. Can you fuck me there now?"
I pulled out of her juicy pussy and eased myself into her ass. She was so fucking tight, I nearly blew my load with the first few strokes. She was gasping in pleasure as I concentrated.
"Oh fuck, that feels so good when you fuck my ass. Do it harder." I pounded her hard, and she worked furiously at her pussy with her hand. It was so hot seeing her pregnant belly hang down, with her huge tits slapping as we moved together. I grabbed a nipple and pulled while squeezing, pulling her back against my cock. A little milk came out while she screamed in orgasm.
"OH_MY_GOD!" she screamed, drawing it out. I thrusted a few more times and then flipped her over and came on her huge heaving belly. It was a massive load that shot up to her tits and face as well.
She beamed at me. "You remembered to cum on my belly!" She eagerly rubbed it in everywhere, and then started licking her fingers. "Can you fuck my ass again right now, or do you need a few minutes?"
"Oh, give me a few minutes," I said. I was totally out of breath. "Besides, I'll be doing it a lot for the next 3 plus months."
And as I lay there, next to her cum-covered naked pregnant body, I began to scheme how I could convince her that she needed to give me blow jobs, and I needed to suck her tits, every day that she was lactating after she had the baby.
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mikey1ra 5 years ago
dirtyoldbiman 5 years ago
very good, hope you figure out how to help her get milk out of her tits
TTT_X 6 years ago
Fucking hot story! Got to find a gulable neighbor like that sometime.
1mo4u2209 6 years ago
Too funny, you have no
kjman421 6 years ago
great story
John_Baxter 6 years ago
great story!!
Love2giveO 6 years ago
Nice fantasy
crazychica08 6 years ago
Lol there are some chicks that stupid. I know a few who are like that.
madddog 6 years ago
She could have not been that fucking stupid...great make believe story though..
pussycat98 6 years ago
Wow that bitch is thick... hot story though!
stubsaz 6 years ago
too funny
modelmaker 6 years ago
A clever if somewhat stupid story, but there are women out there who'd believe it.
johnny1705 6 years ago
Damn!!!! Hot story!!!
bluto 6 years ago
Hahahahha Some bitches really are this buddies got one!

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