Threes company

So for about a year my wife and I played with the idea of bringing another cock in to our fun, well about two weeks ago we were sitting at home on a Friday night watching porn, after one particularly sexy mmf video I said let's go get you another cock. She began to get dressed I encouraged her to dress very slutty in a short skirt and a blouse that really revealed her cleavage that being done we headed to the local bar downtown, we had a few drinks and I told her to take her pick. After about an hour she said to me I want him, I looked in the direction she was looking and there at the pool tables was a younger guy maybe 25 about six feet tall with an athletic build. I was so nervous but I swallowed my fear and made my way over to the table, he was there with a couple of friends and I bought him a drink and we played a couple games of pool, while we played I pointed my wife out to him and asked him what he thought, he said she was very sexy and he wouldn't mind giving her a good fuck, I saw my chance and informed him she was my wife and that we came there tonight to find a man to fuck her with me. I gave him our address and told him to come over when he was done. My wife and i were very excited, we went home and I told her to put on her school girl outfit and wait in the bedroom. Twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door I opened it and let the young man in. I offered him a drink and when he accepted I called out to her to come make it. She walked into the room in her plaid skirt with black fishnet thigh highs and a see through white blouse with no bra. She brought our drinks and I asked her to turn on the TV. As she was doing so she bent over in front of us and gave us a good view of her sexy ass and a white thing. When the TV came on it was one of our porn videos showing a woman taking two cocks. I told her to come sit between us. Once she sat down I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down on my hard cock. As this was happening she turned herself so that her ass was right in our guests face. I told him don't be shy feel free to play with her little pussy and ass. While she she took my cock in her mouth I watched him lift her skirt and start rubbing her ass. I stood up and put her on her back on the couch. Our guest pulled her painties off and while I was fucking her throat he burried his face in her waiting snatch.he sucked her clit and fucked her with two fingers. After a while of this I suggested we switch places. He walked over to her and I told her to take his cock out. She sat up and unzipped his pants, reached in to his boxers and pulled out a monster 10 inch cock. Wow! She said as she took his massive cock in her hands and began to stroke it. I told him he had a really impressive cock and asked if he minded if I watched for a while. He said he didn't and I moved closer to get a good view of the action. At first she was only taking a little bit of it in. Just the head and a little more. I reached over and grabbed the back of her head and said open up and take all of that cock. She then began to shove her mouth over his enormous tool, gagging and choking with spit running out the corners of her mouth. I held her hair tight and shoved her head up and down telling her to suck that fucking cock, after a few minutes I said to him are you ready to fuck that tight little pussy now? I sat down and she put her upper body in my lap as he moved in to position I reached down and spread her pink little lips wide open and I spit on her twat just for a little extra lube. He started to rub his large purple cock head up and down on her slit. As he pushed his fat cock head inside her she started to squirm and moan. I grabbed her tight and held her by the throat and said you be a good little slut and take that cock! All of it. After a few pushes he hurried his length inside her. I rubbed her clit and ran my fingers down her snatch rubbing her lips on each side of his dick. He fucked her well. Her cum was covering his shaft. He asked me where I wanted him to cum,I had always thought I wanted it to be on her face but watching him fuck her I said fill her fucking pussy up with your load. He came hard and long inside her. I said to him bring that monster over here and let her clean it. I grabbed her face by her jaw and said open up and clean the cum off that big fucking cock you little slut. While he was shoving his dick down her throat I moved down and pulled my rock hard cock out preparing to fuck her. As I slid my dick up and down her slit I could see his thick spunk dripping out of her cunt. I slid my cock inside of her feeling his hot sticky cum immediately. As I pumped my dick in and out I could see his white man glaze covering my shaft, it was so hot that I told her I was cumming. Once I shot my load inside her she pulled my cock to her mouth and started cleaning all of our cum off our guest reached down and took my cock in his hand he bent down and slid my cum covered cock deep in his mouth , a first for me. I was assaulted as a teen so a big dick in my ass does not interest me, but watching him and her pass my cock back and forth and feed it to one another made me hard instantly, so I changed places with him and returned the favor. That was our first but def. Not our last mmf.
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Threes company
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